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The Battered Husband Syndrome In The Liberty Movement

(vol. iii in a spontaneously collaborative series)


The night was cold and wet.

Nearly 10 years had elapsed since she had left him and taken everything.

She no longer had a name to him. When she was mentioned at all it was the bitch or that bitch.

After decades of devotion, fidelity and hard work, she left him. Not on amicable terms, not with a mutual sense of respect, but in a sudden act of betrayal and an emotional about face, he was pushed out of the life he had built and treated as a stranger or wretch who she had never known.

The divorce was brutal, long and painful.

Nor was it a split on equal terms, a parting of company with a fair division of possessions and a mutual bond of respect. Even the beloved fruits of the former bond, now denied by the one, were selfishly snatched away completely from the spurned one.

Left alone, miserable, a pervasive sense of hopelessness, he sat in quiet, sipped his drink, and contemplated the sweet solace of a revenge played out again and again in his mind, alive as life, but not life.

That spouse which he loved, that movement that was his child, the happy auspices of the gay wedding day, the high hopes for the future, he now whimsically remembered while drowning his sorrow in the last few swigs of the bottle. He drank back his gall.

There was a .22 on the table. A few shells rolled and now rested in place.


He woke up the next day. The hangovers no longer bothered him at this point, if they came at all. It wasn't long after the last sip of his breakfast that the knock at the door came.

There she was, in his doorway, tears in her eyes. Fake or real, he did not know. In her arm was a suitcase of her things. She was broken, harried, no where left to go, but she spoke too smoothly. That glibness and persistence of one in need and hard on the heels of an all too specific goal.

Back again, when there was no where else to go, back again, when in need. Back again to drain that last drop of blood, love and money still limping along in him, which alone kept him from collapsing and waking no more. Here was the bitch, back to claim that last drop.

The conclusion of this little episode is too gruesome to narrate in words.

Suffice it to say, no doors will remain long opened to traitorous whores.

previous installment: http://www.dailypaul.com/275773/the-battered-wife-syndrome-s... by Smudge Pot

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Reminds me of....

the game I play with my 3 boys, where we start a story, and each person takes turns sharing only one sentence at a time---always good for LOL moments---Priceless.

we can do better

We have a ton of work to do, but it is quite rewarding along the way. Start by being able to look at actual data about domestic violence, not this propaganda about how men are bad. Has being called bad ever helped you to grow and change?


you missed the point by a

you missed the point by a mile.

Jefferson's picture

I can't

tell if you guys are complimenting or mocking me. Why must you leave me so confused just before bedtime??! What did I do to deserve your wrath?

I'll check in tomorrow for the "Battered Fish and Chips Streak in the Liberty Movement" version of your collaborative novel. Just in time for lunch.

It's 6PM and she fumbles with the keys

as she unlocks the door. With much trepidation, she enters her home and quietly closes the door behind her. She turns her head, straining to hear what sounds may be coming from the kitchen. She knows he is in the house somewhere, and prays silently that she could save her and her family from the dreaded fate that always awaits them when he arrives home first. She quietly puts down her keys and bag, removes her high heels, knowing that she must make it to the kitchen as quickly and silently as possible. She must not let it happen again.
She holds her breath as she dashes to the kitchen. She pushes open the swing door and gasps....
"Honey!" he exclaims, bearing a wide grin. "I got it covered!"

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

hehe we love ya

hehe we love ya




This is a continuation of

by which we have suddenly co-opted a thread to invent a collaborative novel.

AT THIS MOMENT certain people are trying to create Vol. III and then IV but YOU COULD BE FIRST!

This is a literary experiment brought to you by The Joes. Don't worry, we're the Joes you knows from your nose to your toes.

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