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Michigan GOP illegally disarms delegates at state convention.

At the Michigan Republican State Convention today. As the Republican Attorney General touts Michigan's pro second amendment stance delegates were outside told they had to disarm. I met c4L leader Tony Demott the night before and he told me, him and a group would be open carrying at the convention today. I spotted them on the way out being detained, and observed the sgt. of arms of the party tell him he could not come in. These guys were well prepared. and new the statutes and policies and new they were legal. The leader of Michigan open carry was also one being detained, Phillip Hofmeister - President. Luckily like most good patriots do, videotape was captured. http://qik.com/video/57404719

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While the Obama

While the Obama Administration talks about banning guns, the MI GOP is apparently actually doing it. Campaign 4 liberty official statement. http://www.campaignforliberty.org/state-blogs/michigan/michi...

What good are "Second Amendment" rights if you are not...

prepared to stand up for them? You should have arrested the Sergeant At Arms and if he resisted, shoot him.

The ser. at arms is the

The ser. at arms is the messenger, you don't shoot the messenger. The way I understand it now is if the Republican Party refused to allow guns, it was legal, but very bad P.R. for current leadership. I wonder if gun bans were in the rules passed, that nobody ever gets to see?

Actually, I tried to change that to "use the minimum force..."

necessary. If the GOP has rules in place to bar firearms and it is private property, then they have all the right in the world to do so. However, if this is a public meeting or with no such rule in place, then the Sergeant At Arms is acting illegally and can be arrested.

I have been in "law enforcement" since my schoolboy days, first as "schoolboy patrol" and later as Navy Shore Patrol. Law enforcement should not be above the law.

The committee made the rules

The committee made the rules last week. At the start of the convention I think we agreed to the rules without knowing what they are? A gun ban would have to be in the rules. Do you think delegates would be pissed if they new they passed a gun ban?

-1This is at least the


This is at least the second post you made about inciting violence. You should be banned.

here is a nice picture of the

here is a nice picture of the disarmed president of Michigan Open Carry. Not sure if you have to like his page to view it though?