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What do you call a feminist who discovers critical thinking?

Hope for the human race.

The truth will set all of us free! The PTB control civil organizations too. Learn their tricks, and stop the foolishness.

Thumbs down without any intelligent comments only prove the level of indoctrination we're dealing with

Good luck!


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I gain clarity from being name familiar with natural tactics and word etymology. The process of organizing the incoherence that revolves around everyone's different emotional and rhetorical abilities around said events, helps me stay out of judgement and much more logical. We are continually directed through discussions about "why" yet who what when and where, have not been established. They just get to dismiss and redirect ad naseum.

So true

Orwell predicted it. Destroy the meaning of words or eliminate words and you hamper peoples ability to think. Language and thought are entertwined. It's why leftists love to co-opt terms (like "liberal"). It's diabolical.

Long before Orwell's so-called prediction

Lenin is purported to have said "First, confuse the vocabulary." He got the idea from someone else, no doubt -- probably it's straight from the Nimrod playbook (tower of babel and confusing language, etc.).


notice how most feminist party lines are in line with most of the trolling rhetoric out there. They're both after the same ends, entitlement, protection and control. I prefer freedom and any contradictions continue to surface, when I pay attention.