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Nigel Farage may not be what he seems

I always liked Farage, thought he was kinda like a British Ron Paul. Then I ran across an article that shows UKIP to be just another zionist lobby tool, according to their FoI mission statement.

UKIP’s leadership has also decided that the party needs a “Friends of Israel” fan club. I include the mission statement http://foi-ukip.org/mission/ in full for its sheer entertainment value to those who know the truth about the situation in the Holy Land:

The State of Israel remains to date the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. It is also the world’s only Jewish state, surrounded and largely unrecognized by 21 Arab nations.

Despite constant assault from within and without, Israel has maintained an impeccable human rights record and remains the only country in the Middle East to extend full civil and political rights to all of its citizens, regardless of race or religion. Yet somehow it is cast as the oppressor, vilified as an “apartheid state” and singled out for disproportionate criticism.

Decades of malicious propaganda campaigns have seen to it that a one-sided historical narrative which portrays the Palestinians as blameless victims now successfully masquerades as reality. Little attention is paid to the fact that an independent Palestinian state has existed under the name of Jordan since 1946, and that the Palestinian leadership has consistently rejected a two-state solution whenever it has been offered, choosing instead to resort to terrorism.


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Nigel Farage is far better

Nigel Farage is far better than any other politician in UK

"Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone."
What do you think the others are hiding?
Nigel is still the real deal:


And of course,

let's not forget UKIP Friends of Palestine:


It's not that simple....

The document came out at the time when Lord Pearson headed UKIP. It was written by former UKIP MEP David C. Bannerman (now a Tory MEP). It was supposed to have been changed. UKIP is also in the process of disassociating itself from all 'friends' branches. I know this from a reliable source. I also know that Nigel Farage is anti-war and anti-oppression. How much details he gathers on the subject is another matter. No one can be an expert in every field of politics. And fewer still can fight different battles on several fronts.... Ask Ron Paul about it!

Yikes... we better

Yikes... we better excommunicate him. We sure can't be seen supporting someone on issues we agree with if we don't agree on everything!

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Mwuuh? Huh? Good Propaganda here, here, here

Like the shifting of gears in this piece. Bravo.

If Farage is aligned with a pro-Israel entity of some type, and as a result is able to have a platform to disseminate the amount of information he is able to now, I say bravo.

It was probably the pandas.

Nigel preaches non-aggression principle

As do libertarians. If you do a Google search of "Nigel Farage Israel" you'll find articles stating he is anti-Israel. That's a good sign, because non-support of Israel is viewed as anti-support of Israel. I've seen no hard proof that Nigel doesn't support libertarian philosophy.

Perhaps the UKIP is not what it seems. Once upon a time...

most Democrats were Jeffersonian.

I worked with a real Brit on

I worked with a real Brit on a certain campaign. He was part of the younger section of UKIP. They are very libertarian. Kinda like if the GOP would let in the youth... then it would be similar.. some ideas float to the top. Also, we do have the word socialism as a negative in America. Some, bluntly love socialism of course in Europe. The article does have merit, UKIP is not perfect.