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LA Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Story - Creepy Coincidence?

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I don't believe in

I don't believe in coincidences. Nothing happens, unless someone wills it to happen.

I Do

I believe it's a coincidence that I read your comment at 9:48 AM in California.

I believe that the fact that the lamp on my desk was turned off at the time is purely coincidental with me reading your comment (i.e., insignificant).

You could say that the light being off was not mere coincidence with the time of 9:48 AM, or the sun being up (or vice versa). But, it's pure coincidence that that's when I read your comment.

Also, coincidentally, some of my neighbors were watching television at the time. My router light was blinking, and the clock on the wall was ticking, birds were singing outside, and the breeze was blowing. Obama is probably doing something, somewhere, to impose his will on us, and somewhere a butterfly is flapping its wings (probably more than one butterfly).

Coincidence: things happening at the same time or place. Most are not significant, nor dependent on each other (i.e., "mere" coincidence). If you don't believe in coincidence without cause, you may already be paranoid.

What do you think?

You see a coincidence, I see

You see a coincidence, I see the illusion of coincidence. Your neighbors made a choice to watch the squawk box. Those butterflies chose to flap their wings. You chose to power up your computer at that specific time. I chose to post a comment. You chose not to turn on your desk lamp. You made the choice to click on this link and peruse the comments, which resulted in you replying to my comment. Was your response a coincidence or consequence?

Coincidences these are not. They are results of choices. Choices matter. The seizing (or not) of opportunities dictates the arc of our lives.

That's bizarre,

if the facts are indeed as they say.

Just a coincidence

They didn't say the people from the hotel were exposed. TB has been spreading like wildfire the past 15 years. It spread started from the Mexican immigrants going to jails. If you spend any time in a city or county jail you are a prime target. It is prevalent in the homeless community too, because most of them spend a couple of days at least in the jails.

Blood Donor

That must explain why the blood bank won't take my blood if I've been in jail. (It's on the interview form--I haven't actually been turned down, yet, nor been to jail--but it could happen at any time!)

What do you think?