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Jury Nullification Activist JAILED-145 days (even after Judges order deemed illegal)

Story From the Activist Post

Video Interview from 1 year ago


23 February 2013-Mark E. Schmidter is an activist for jury rights whose story we covered one year ago. He was originally facing a year in jail after being found guilty of two felonies: External Criminal Contempt of Court, and jury tampering, for distributing information outside the Orange County Courthouse in Florida.

We noted that Schmidter was not guilty of any actual law, but rather rules written by the acting judge. These rules that Schmidter is in violation of are for demonstrating outside of a "free speech zone" determined by Judge Perry. Schmidter, who was first arrested in June 2011, has maintained his innocence and that the judge's orders he violated were a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Furthermore, the very rule he was found to be in violation of has been overturned.

Judge Belvin Perry issued Administrative Order # 2011 03 which states that if anyone hands out information, talks or hold a sign outside the courthouse, they would be held in contempt of court and jury tampering.

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FIJA Activism, I'm out of jail now.

Yes, I am out of jail now. I am ready for more political activism!
Mark Schmidter

Mark E. Schmidter

this judge created a legal fiction to dictate what free speech

qualifies as jury tampering by every U.S. citizen in the entire country! :O

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"External Criminal Contempt

"External Criminal Contempt of Court"

There is not even remotely such a thing.

Another kangaroo court news event

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Does anyone else

notice how "spreading information" is becoming "illegal?"


I wrote to Governor Rick

I wrote to Governor Rick Scott to free this man a couple weeks ago. I don't think we'll be able to support Rick Scott in his next election.

I don't either.

I have not heard a response on either this issue or Sheriff Ric Bradshaw's latest stupid statement on the 2nd Amendment either.

(just use ixquick and about 30 good links will show up, including this one:


and this:


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Thanks for posting.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


thanks for the bump from Canada.

"Do Not Take a Flyer if You Are a Juror"

To stay out of trouble, carry a sign saying not to take a flyer if you are a current or prospective juror.

They give jurors badges to wear inside the courthouse to help the attorneys and witnesses avoid talking in front of them accidentally (and illegally).

But, outside the courthouse, I imagine the jurors are responsible for their own objectivity, and avoiding news about their cases, and so, on. A simple sign telling them not to take a flyer if they are a current juror or prospective juror should suffice.

A prospective juror, of course, is a person who has signed in and been put on a list to be called into a courtroom, not someone who merely got a jury summons and is reporting as required, but not yet accepted being called to a courtroom.

Catch them before they become prospective jurors.

Oh, and, since the judge's ruling permits handing them out to anyone else and eliminates "free speech zone" limitations, if several activists work handing them out at the same time, in order to convict, the prosecution will have to prove which activist handed the flyer to the juror, in addition to proving he knew the recipient was a juror.

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He was the judge for the Casey Anthony trial

He wouldn't let lots of defense evidence in, but jury saw there was not enough evidence against Anthony. DAs usually mess up the case when there is emotional community driving them.

Take IT All The Way Up To Judge Roberts & The "Supremes"

Bump It Up!!

What a miscarriage of justice....

"If men don't find God, They will be ruled by Tyrants" ~ William Penn

Thank you for posting..

Faster and More Effective

Surround the courthouse. Hand out the same flyers. Flood the jails--oh, wait, can't send folks to jail, anymore, now that that rule was overturned.

Many judges are elected. They can be unelected.

Most importantly, serve on juries.

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