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You Won't Believe This! Tennessee Cops Harass Old Lady After Mistaking Buckeye Sticker for Pot Leaf Sticker

You Won't Believe This! Tennessee Cops Harass Old Lady After Mistaking Buckeye Sticker for Pot Leaf Sticker


Mike Riggs | Feb. 15, 2013 | 8:31 pm

If you thought the war on drugs couldn't get any dumber, then you aren't using your imagination. Last week, the former president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Ohio State Alumni Club was pulled over in Tennessee while driving from her mother-in-law's funeral in Ohio back to Texas. The reason? Tennessee police mistook the Buckeyes sticker on her ride for a pot leaf sticker, and thought it meant she was trafficking drugs

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what a bunch of

what a bunch of dipshits...i'm from ohio living in Tennessee....and am one of the very few buckeye fans living here..Bet they wouldn't pull over anyone with a Big orange T bumper sticker. Hey maybe it stands for trafficker.

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I think it is time

to start mandatory drug testing for cops....for steroids. Clearly, this cop is on something. We need to get rid of these asshats like this guy.

Memed for your sharing pleasure...

What right does a cop have to order

the removal of any bumper sticker? Apparently free speech is a crime unless its gov't approved.

Do pot traffickers

normally call attention to themselves with pot leaf stickers on their cars or do cops normally have no brains?

Wow bumper stickers = probable cause?

That officer either has a low IQ or he is a good ol' boy.

You Won't Believe This!

WRONG. i will believe it, you are talking about police doing dumb things... what's so hard to believe about it? ;)

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Sue them for half a million $


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Glad TN is getting some

Glad TN is getting some press... I live here and it is practically a police state in regards to the drug war. It's insane, we produce the #2 most marijuana in the country and have some of the stiffest law's. In many cases rapists or child molesters serve less time or less probation than drug users..

I guess if you wear a T Shirt with a pot leaf on it

you now have to worry that you will be detained and have blood drawn from you.

What trafficker...

in their right mind would mark themselves as being a trafficker??

...then again, when did a pot leaf sticker = crime?

Not to ignore the fact the officer obviously doesnt know his college sports.

(shaking my head)

ditto on the sticker

being a crime...talk about making people paranoid.

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The officer was just having a Roid moment.


Stop the madness.