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Judge Napolitano on Jesse Jackson Jr. and CEO slapping toddler on plane

The Judge on Jesse Jackson Jr.:


The Judge on CEO slapping toddler on plane:


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I'd be shocked if JJJ is in the hole for more than 12 months

Judge Nap says 4 years...and he is the Judge and one of my favorite Americans but I sense some kind of weird medical condition popping up that will allow JJJ to move to home confinement after serving a year or less. The laws do not apply to the rich and/or politically connected...they only apply to us serfs.

Besides that...don't you know Barry will pardon him at the very least so if he can put off going into the hole for a year or two...he will only serve 1 year before he is pardoned.

I don't think

He will serve any time in any hole. I think he will walk.




Thanks for the bump

Love the Judge

Great post as always

Too kind

Too kind