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Ron Paul interviewed by Geraldo Rivera

Ron Paul interviewed by Geraldo Rivera 2/14/13


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Did you catch the comment

Did you catch the comment Rivera made about his (Rivera's) son? Good stuff.

Hmmm Made Me Re-Think Rand...

You can look at my other comments - I am NOT friendly to Rand Paul.... but...

After hearing Ron talk about his son.... and hearing that Rand went to Israel to say "America has a Foreign Aid problem" ... it made me think -

Maybe I COULD vote for Rand.

I know some people immediately lined up behind Rand but did this interview have that effect on anyone else? If Ron doesn't feel threatened or isn't disappointed or doesn't have anything to say about Rand needing some "corrections"... then why should I have a problem with him?

Hm. I'm thinking.
I'd like to see what Rand does next.

they have some very different views

in the first interview ron says that if he was in the senate he'd probably vote for hagel.
rand however has lined up with the neocons on that issue.

i'm interested in a peace candidate who wants a strong national defense like ron, not what rand talks about: a party with a LITTLE less aggressive foreign policy.

Good find

Thanks for posting.

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Always a rush to hear the good doctor.




Great interviews

Ron Paul is awesome as always

I added it

Thanks for the link. :)



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