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Monsanto drags over 400 U.S. farmers to court over GM seed patents

(NaturalNews) Agri-giant Monsanto, not satisfied with being one of the world's largest agricultural corporations, is dragging hundreds of U.S. farmers into court over alleged copyright violations for repeated usage of the company's patented seeds.

In a case that has surprised a lot of observers, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear one of these complaints on Feb. 19. That case, Bowman v. Monsanto Co., was billed as a landmark battle pitting farmer Vernon Bowman against the international Ag-giant over the former's repeated use of seeds he bought from Monsanto which the company says are only supposed to be used for one growing season.

In advance of the case, The Huffington Post reported, the Center for Food Safety and the Save Our Seeds campaigning organizations released a report detailing similar cases.

Price of seeds have skyrocketed

According to that report titled "Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers," which readers can view here, Monsanto alleges seed patent infringement in 144 lawsuits against 410 farmers and 56 small farm businesses in at least 27 states, as of January of this year.


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get it straight

Monsanto is not dragging anyone anywhere -- the government is.

Monsanto is abiding by the law. The problem is the government, not Monsanto. Patents are enforced by the government. A true libertarian is anti-patent and anti-ip.

who are these people?

Do they not realize they are tying up the courts?

This case will go on for ages imo.


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The HOTTEST fires of HELL...are reserved for corporations like


These lawsuits are well-dcoumented. And disgusting.

They wipe out the savings of hundreds of mom and pop farmers with these lawsuits. The scale of that immorality alone, is unimaginably EVIL.

Trusting the company that brought us Agent Orange....to give us "good" seeds....is like trusting a psychopath killer....to look after your children.

News to Monsanto (and other corporatist/fascist empires like you): Your days are NUMBERED.

Michael Taylor...and others like you...you'd better get a good attorney and run and hide at the same time!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Monsato Crops Look Best When......

Crop circled.

IMO it's all there good for. My county just passed an ordinance saying it is illegal to commerically grow GM crops here.
Please help get the word out on this tactic. It's another great way to help kill this FN beast.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Question, did the farmers sign a contract with Monsanto?

If they did and it was an agreement to not use the prior years seeds for replanting, they have a case. If there was no contract the farmers have every right to use the seeds they bought and grew themselves. Even if Monsanto wins this case, what damages can they allege? The cost of the seeds? Their attorneys and court costs will cost more than that, so they must be going after punitive damages? Sounds like they picked out a few farmers to bully around with their expensive attorneys, just to send a message to the other farmers not to replant their seeds. I doubt an informed jury will rule in Monsantos favor.

Thanks for posting this, if you find out how this is resolved pass it along.

Too Bad

that so many farmers signed contracts with the devil without reading them. The government is on Monsanto's side.


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Thanks for posting Tom.

He's the man.

Thanks Michael

Love your new DP signature.
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