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Which states have Precinct Delegates? I assumed all but...

I've Googled (and even Bing'd) and see only Michigan. Do they go by different names in different states? Do you have any info on your state?


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do NOT google...

...it is a front for the NSA storing your thoughts.

Use startpage.com and search for what they are called in my State, and presumably most others:

Precinct Committeeman

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CA has 55 counties and GOP committees will be sending delegates from central committees. It's interesting that last year, there was this huge rush to the convention for people to take over delegate possitions that were absent, sign waving, Ron Paul grassroots rally's.. this year it appears there is none of that. So I'm looking fareward to the convention anyways.


Does that mean no. There are not technically "precinct delegates" in California?

This is weird. I thought all states had them.

Central comittee delegates

precincts work for the registrar's offices and the county they live in working poll booths.