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When people get angry about us defending a property owner's choice to refuse service...

What they tend to forget is just how the other customers will react...


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I really can't stand this world anymore.

If you have any beliefs that contradict what's trendy, people are allowed to label you, and label you a bigot. That's pretty bigoted in and of itself. I don't see people who find gayness wrong going around killing them or attempting to take away their civil rights, they simply don't want to be bombarded with the parade-type leather-wearing freaks, and they want to defend what's been traditions for thousands of years. Government shouldn't license marriage, but states should have a say in who can adopt children.

Why is it that these people (gays, liberals, whoever) always make their identity about who they have sex with, the color of their skin, or what political party they align with? They can't just be a human or American, they have to make their identity part of some collective group. I have no problem with the choices of people, but I do have a problem always having to hear what certain types people do in their bedrooms. I can respect a person as an individual, but I have no respect for groups. I also don't get why these type of people always put themselves around people who don't align with their views, and then cry about that fact. This is why states should have more power and there can be havens for certain types of people. Then people can be around others who share their same beliefs in the first place instead of being true bigots and trying to force people to accept their ways.

Who I DO see taking away the rights of people are the liberal side of things. If I owned a restaurant, it should be my choice to discriminate who can come in my restaurant. Just as I would have that choice, people would have the choice to not give me their business. The Civil Rights Act was an utter travesty. All they had to do was slap them with the Constitution, but no, they had to enact new law to take away rights from some people to give rights to others. What was wrong with what was going on was that they the PUBLIC sector was segregated. Private property owners still had every right to segregate, but the Act destroyed the rights of personal property.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

i know its not exactly a

i know its not exactly a scientific test but it was real ironic how more people in the conservative texas district spoke up than in NY

It's not ironic at all

Texas and many other so-labeled 'conservative' states has a general atmosphere of compassion towards others. I've lived in all parts of this country and LA & the east coast are the most self-interested people around. In Denver, I knew 17 neighbors and had 'knock-and-walk-in' friendships with 4 of them. I lived there for 5 years. In PA, I met 2 neighbors in 6 years. In Maryland, I never knew one.

I doubt that the difference seen between the east coast and Texas has to do with personal approval of lifestyle. It's just more due to hospitality and manners.

True that

Having lived in Ct most of my life, but also in SC - I can tell you this is true.

Self interested does not sum it up enough.

Definitely agree with both of

Definitely agree with both of you. I've lived in NY my whole life (I'm 19) and while I know a lot of wonderful people here, I visit my dad's family in the midwest and there is a palpable difference in terms of hospitality and friendliness.

This show on TV is interesting but I don't like it.

It's so darned manipulative.

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the whole thing.

The gay issue is a media

The gay issue is a media created distration. We all know that. Most Americans are libertarians in their daily lives more often than not. It is to bad they forget that at the voting booth.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I don't it is any of the waitresses effing business.

I have been in "gay bars" with friends and nobody gives me the "third degree" nor do they act like jerks if I politely refuse their attention.