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Fantasy Congress Leagues: Now Forming

Apparently Fantasy Football has been around since the 1960s, and not everyone thinks it's good:

Somebody else already had the idea for a fantasy congress but unfortunately the website is dead:

Oh well. It looks like their goals were too narrow anyway. It was all about getting congresspeople on your 'team' who introduce legislation that eventually becomes law. What kind of standard for success is that? What if it's a bad law - should you still get 'fantasy points' for it?

My fantasy 'Fantasy Congress' would offer the option of forming either a 'good' team or a 'bad' team of congress-critters. The 'good' teams would get points for introducing good, pro-liberty, limited government-style laws, and the 'bad' teams would put forward draconian, intrusive, heavy-handed, boot to the face-style laws.

I'm not sure how many 'players' should be on each team - enough for a committee of some type? Regardless, I've got 535 draft picks to choose from, almost as many as the NFL...

Leagues now forming! Does anybody want to play with me?

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