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School days, School days

Way back when, some 55 years or so ago, when I was just a kid, I remember being charged with something that was not quite in accord to school policy, and was sentenced to punishment along with another kid who was actually the guilty party, but nevertheless, I was seen with him.

We were both about 10 years of age.

I can't remember exactly what it was that he did, but it was most likely something real serious ( like sticking bubble gum on the teacher's seat)!

We both were brought to the school hallway and made to stand with our right hand outstretched.

Then principal then took what we called the "rat-hand" which was a round dowel-like stick about 4 feet long and about a 1/4 inch thick and it had spring to it.....a lot of spring!

He then took that stick and snapped it like a whip across the fingertips........OOOOOUCH! It left a pretty nice welt!

If you pulled your hand back as he swatted, you got an extra whip ( free of charge ) so you just had to grunt, close your eyes and bear it.

I only got it that one time!

Later on in junior high, we had another teacher named Mr. McClure who was our English teacher. A no nonsense guy!

This guy would have made an excellent DI in the Corps.

When anyone did not pay full attention to his teaching, he had you get up and put both hands on the wall and bend over so that your backside was sticking out there just right and he would take his yard stick and swing like Carl Yastrzemski and you could hear the whack throughout most of the school! (out of the park homer if it was on the playing field for sure)

I never though back then, that I would ever consider those things good but.....those were the good old days when discipline was in good form and had good effect.

The worse part was when you had to face dad when you got home.

Great discipline, great lessons learned that are no longer seen in our time.

Mr. McClure, if you are still here on earth and through some chance of fate reading this, I forgive you and even thank you....Not then, but now!

Good memories!

Anyone else want to share?

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Good memories?

Not wanting to challenge you, but. Hmm. My homeschooled son makes mistakes, has bad manners sometimes, sometimes he's entirely himself! We would never think of swatting or whipping or rat handing. We talk him into better behavior. I guess that's cuz we don't have the challenge of 20 kids to enforce behavior. Or maybe because we just don't believe in corporal punishment. It doesn't work. It makes kids angry. It makes them comply not because they want to, because they fear.
Sorry but I find your story very sad. No heroes in it.

Why would any one of you accept the idea that anyone but your parents, so willing, had the right to physically punish you?

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Since you brought it up

Thanks for sharing Aphrodite13!

I forgot to mention parochial school that I attended in the 7th and 8th grades. These nuns were there to teach and they did just that.

There were NO clowns in the classroom, and for the few times that someone got out of line, they paid for it and it was a deterrant for all to see.

When I went on into high school from there, I already knew EVERTHING that was being taught! I was sooooo bored.

I was a year and a half ahead of everyone else because of those terrible nuns who disciplined us.

Our parents back then gave the school their full blessings and told us kids that we'd better behave while being taught.

I am very glad you home school.

Things in public school are much different with many more kids, many more personalities, and sometimes require more drastic measures to keep unruly kids in line than at home. Nobody ever got sent to the nurses office or to the hospital so there's no need to be overly upset about it.
I don't ever remember repeat offenders, because once was enough.

You're most likely a very good parent and have brought your children up well from babes and that carries on into their later days.
Not all parents are like you and therefore those children get into trouble often and need correcting.

Kids often act much differently when out of the sight of their parents. The methods back in my days were different than now. Whatever works I suppose.

Discipline creates a fear. A fear of being punished for being unruly. It is a good thing to have a fear to keep from being punished! Good discipline lays out the consequences of not being in line of what is required, so when one ignores it, they pay the penalty.

If you don't fear getting a speeding ticket for example, then go for it and see what happens.

This discipline even carried over into my time in a drum and bugle corps, and even during my tour in the Marine Corps.

Yes, they did some pretty hard things to us in the corps, but it really was for our own good and I regret none of it from my early school days to the very present.

If only we could send our congressmen and congresswomen to parochial school or maybe even the Marine Corps we would see real change!

Yes, Good Memories! Very Good!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

We still had corporal

We still had corporal punishment in the 80's. that was a walk down to the principals office. I never had to do that green mile. But I did fall asleep in class once. My teacher..stood on my foot..every 450 pounds of him and slapped my hand with the yard stick. and the usual punishment for misbehavior was a 50 word paragraph that we had to write 75 to 100 times depending on the degree of the "crime".

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

450 lbs?

You must have really been snoozing to not only hear him coming, but feel the floor rumbling!
Surely he was not trying to sneak up on you! LOL

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~