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Lawyers, Guns & Money

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Thanks for posting. God Bless Warren Zevon!

Desperado's Under the Eaves and Carmelita are classics.

Go ahead...

Go ahead and send the guns and money but you can keep the lawyers.

You guys are both

You guys are both collectivists no better than the lazy intellectual thought the left pumps out.

Some lawyers are bad, not all lawyers are bad. Your collectively judging a profession based off of what you think of some and pushing the reputation on others.

I know some great lawyers, like Andrew Napolitano, Justin Amash, Tom Davis the SC State Senator, Mike Lee, etc who are champions of liberty. Don't be a lazy collectivist, clearly, collectivism has failed us.

Even in a society without government but with laws, there will be an important need for lawyers.

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I agree

you are right on... this is an old tune befor its time.

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