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Can anyone help me?

I need some advise. I have been behind in my house payments for months. I was finally able to catch up (thank goodness). However I had an unapplied amount that was never credited to my loan. After calling twice I have had no answer as to why it won't be applied. First they said it was for fees and an inspection. But those amounts were included in my Feb. payment that I paid in full. Now I get my new statement and it is just gone. How do I get answers and get this money back??

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I've found a tactic that works to get them to sit up and

take serious notice. It works --

Warn the bank that you will call in a "Bank Examiner". Just those two words get them jumping through hoops.

....They evaluate the condition of recordkeeping, compliance with data entry and transaction regulations, and on the staff's ability to understand and follow relevant protocols. The bank examination process may include personal inspection of the facility and its physical records, as well as computer access to electronic records. Bank examiners usually work on-site, traveling to various institutions and branches as scheduled or as requested, although some work may also be done through remote access. The bank examiner is expected to be knowledgeable of financial management and accounting principles (particularly forensic accounting, as well as the relevant banking procedures and protocols....

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Made me think

of It's A Wonderful Life...the dreaded Bank Examiner...

Random, I know, but made me smile.

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This is why i love the dailypaul

Type in a problem in life and many come to the rescue;)

This is truly loving your neighbor!!!

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Don't pay late. The bank

Don't pay late. The bank could be using the money in your escrow account, I've no idea...just don't pay late, because they screw you...obviously.

The only way you will ever get the money back is if you make at least 2 extra mortgage payments per year - which is applied to the principal amount of your loan, not the interest....you will pay off your home much faster, and get your money back X 1000 if you pay on time.

If you don't pay on time, the bank has your balls in their hands...and that's not a nice feeling.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Unapplied amount?

I'm confused by your post.

You had an "unapplied amount" (on your recipt), no way to proove any transaction that shows what they owe (if they owe)?

And why would you pay them what you don't owe them anyways?

In trying to catch up, I

In trying to catch up, I would add a bit to the regular monthly payment, but not catching up on past due. The over pay I did was unapplied. Now that I have caught up, the unapplied has disappeared with no explanation. I am calling again tomorrow. (actually now a month ahead on payments)

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I would arrange an appointment at the bank

And I would talk to them about what is going on, get some explainations and see if they can work out a finance solution.. adjust your payments to work for you.

I think zooamerica has some decent advice in a post above.

There is no local branch. My

There is no local branch. My loan has been sold twice, so this is not the original loan holder. This is one of the "too big to fail" banks and I have no way to communicate other than phone or mail.
One person told me I am in a bankruptcy (I am not) Then said it was late fees and an inspection fee, all of which I had paid in the Feb payment.
Then it was a creditor's fee, which couldn't be explained and I was in collections... The list goes on and on and no real explanation. I was supposed to have a written explanation in the mail no later than this past Friday. No explanation, just a new statement showing the money is gone.

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Time for you to make a trip then

Do you have a file folder to organize your papers to make that trip to the bank and take care of business?

Make an appointment and talk with them, it can make a difference and it's worth the trip if you are organized.

I agree

Clarification is needed.

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