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Uh Oh, Chris Dorner’s Wallet Was Found – Twice

Should we all just turn a blind eye to this, or address the subject? What the heck is going on here?

Did anyone else find it to be just a tad bit strange to have Dorner's, "showdown," with law enforcement take place at the same time the president was delivering his state of the Union address?

Was this a psyop on top of a psyop? How many innocent people did the LAPD kill in the process of the chase?


Dorner's main base was set up right across the street from the police headquarters! What?


This guy Dorner has the worst luck with losing his wallets! I’m sure the LAPD is thankful. First, from USAToday:

"We have reason to believe that it is him," sheriff’s spokeswoman Cynthia Bachman said. A wallet with a California driver’s license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found, the Associated Press reported, citing a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but declined to be named because of the ongoing probe...

Strangely enough, Christopher Dorner’s wallet was also found last Thursday as well, after Chris allegedly tried to steal a boat in San Diego. From the LA Times story:

"After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and identification cards at the San Ysidro Point of Entry near the U.S.-Mexico border."


Any questions?

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Turns out one of the wallets was actually LL Cool J's


Actually finding his wallet twice is not so out of the ordinary. How many times have they killed Osama Bin Laden? How many times have we killed the toilet commode's (al Quaeda's) # 2 leader? At least three times by my counting.

Yes, what most people think is reality is actually no more real than The Truman Show.

Ignore everything you get through television. Do not believe anything someone from the federal government tells you.

Get over it. News is fake. What's new?

For at least 10 years if not 20.

I remember some people I knew who escaped the Soviet Union. I asked them how they got their news when they lived there. They said they had a subscription to Pravda. When they saw my obvious disbelief, they laughed and said, everyone knew that whatever Pravda said, the opposite was true, so it was very easy to figure out what the real story was.

When I first saw...

When I first saw how images could be manipulated via computer software back in the late 1980s I realized that the time would soon come when a person would no longer know what to believe. I remember thinking to myself that a Max Headroom (google that, all you youngsters) type entity could be created that we would be told was the President of the USA and would be indistinguishable from an actual human being when seen on TV. Such a cyber creation could be made to do anything, the ultimate controllable puppet.

Take a look at the photo on pages 72 and 73 of the October 17 1969 LIFE magazine to see cops beating manikins but the caption says they are protesters at Princeton University. In the December 6th 1968 issue of LIFE is the exact same photo and the copy indicates that it is a photo of a protest in Chicago. Sorry but I don't have the page number for that photo.

OK City bombing... Who was John Doe #2? Why were there unexploded bombs in the rubble? Why was the rest of the building destroyed then the architect who designed it said it could easily be restored?

Waco TX... Did the government really murder all those women and children? The FLIR footage sure seems to indicate so.

911... Well I don't need to go on.

How do we know what to believe anymore? The government lies, the MSM lies, the courts are full of crooks and liars, cops are corrupt. It seems like a systematic destruction of what we used to take for granted as "reality." Absent any "reality" anything goes and that is where we are today with BO murdering US citizens without any repercussions.

I don't know the answer.

I'm sure

He just stopped by the DMV and had them issue a new license to replace the first one they found.

Nothing to see here...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

We rely on secondary sources

We only know what we were told by people we do not know and about events even they did not witness. Their information comes from sources that are of unknown reliability, such as public affairs officers or other similar press representatives. Along the way, the story becomes a farce of misinformation, disinformation, and fantasy.

Dorner's wallet was found twice. The second time, it was found, intact, next to a body burned so badly that they had to do tests on it to determine who it was. Yet the wallet survived that same fire?

Possible. But not probable.

The truth is hard to wring out of the dribs and drabs of conflicting info.