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Liberty Candidate Running For The State Senate Of Washington!

Dear friends,

I have announced my candidacy for the Washington State Senate in the 35th Legislative District. Recently, we have seen unprecedented attacks on our civil liberties, gargantuan amounts of taxation, regulation and bureaucracy, a struggling education system and a State government that does not function with common sense. We ask government to adhere to some basic principles: Balance the budget, follow the Constitution, protect our God given rights, and strive to be a more free and open society. We ask politicians to adhere to one simple thing, their oath of office.

Today, Olympia operates in the most mind numbing ways. The corrupt career politicians that reside there year after year only seem to care about their own self interests and not the interests of the people. We can no longer elect the same people that put us into these messes and expect them to save us from the problems they helped to create. We need a fresh start.

On a platform of liberty, smaller government, lower taxes, and better education, I have decided to run for this seat. Washington State is traveling down a slippery slope to economic disaster. Together WE can change that, WE can begin to end the corruption and bring honest government back to the 35th District.

Stand with me and Lets Restore Washington Now!

- Travis Couture

Visit my website @ www.traviscouture.com

or follow me on FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Travis-Couture-for-State-Sena...

RPF: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?405419-Travis-Couture-(R-Belfair)-Is-running-for-Washington-State-Senate-2014

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Hi Travis,

First, I want to congratulate you for your candidacy. Second, I wanted to tell you about Young Americans for Liberty, which I'm sure you've heard of, but I'm reiterating because it's a good resource for getting an endorsement up online; maybe, if you have an intern or a younger staffer they can keep up with circulating your name for your region.

I don't know if there's much we can do from Texas, but if there is please contact me.

I'd really like to get a website up and running for liberty candidates specifically, so in the event that I'm able to do that I'll let you know! (I'm running for a local race, and just knowing how difficult it is to raise funds for this, im sure that candidates for State and National races really need a centralized place to go where they can find publicity and support.)

Best of luck to you!

Thank You

Fundraising is critical. Im not sure how much your race needs to fundraise to effectively win, but a State Senate race over her requires about a total of $100,000 to win. On my website i have a ticker and a goal for the entire election. Election day is Nov. 2014. I will definitley check out YAL. Thank you for the reminder.

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