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Place Called Home;-)

There is a place I’ve dreamt of
I do not know it's name
It's got the same sky up above
But nothing else the same.

There are no politicians
No Polution in the air
No one makes Munitions
And you only pay whats fair.

Honestys the rule of thumb
They all dress plain but clean
Bread thats good to the last crumb
you say just what you mean

Some words you don’t say there
War and bankers are unknown
People Barter trade or share
And any seed can be sown.

There’s not a lot of convenience
People sleep good at night
They arent real big on lenience
Kids learn early whats right.

If you ever can't find me
You'll know its not just a Poem
Ill be where there's no lock or key
Id like to call my dream place HOME.

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