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IKEA stores sell food made with Horse Meat

Not only do IKEA stores sell nearly 100% items made in China, and their cheap junk lasts about a week, they now have been caught adding horse meat to their food.

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I saw that comment in another article about this. A woman said that the horse meat in the meatballs as, "Horrifying!"

That cracked me up. She couldn't tell the difference, and never would have known. Why are horses so much worse than cows? Seriously - it is just a matter of custom. Like people below have pointed out, they eat horse in France.

I think I had horse sushi once in Japan. I can't remember, because I was pretty drunk. I definitely had whale sushi, even though the Japanese say they only do whaling for "scientific purposes."

If Ikea wants to sell

If Ikea wants to sell horsemeat, fine. But selling horse meat and pawning it off as beef? Horrifying.

One word people will use to

One word people will use to describe horse meat in food: "horrifying"
One word people will use to describe death of innocent children: "necessary"

Sad day

My Horsemeat Lunch

Lol! Michael, vous pouvez être comme les Français et manger toute la viande de cheval.

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Thanks Ralph

I enjoyed that essay. The horse meat sounds pretty good. Next time I'm in France, I'll give it a try. Rare.


I like Ikea...

...but I will be skipping their cheap meatballs for awhile.

Horse meat is enjoyed in France

and is considered a delicacy by many!

What would the Founders do?

"Cheap junk lasts about a week"

I have over 10 pieces of furniture from Ikea right now, in the past I had probably 10 more. Never had anything break, ever, save for a chair where I put a screw in wrong.

Considering Ikea items are assembled at home, perhaps the culprit is shoddy construction? ;p

Same experience

My entire apartment is Ikea outfitted. If you buy the cheapest things available, yeah they're not going to hold up to a ton of punishment, but my furniture is still in awesome shape. Bed, desk, TV stand, everything.

I'm claiming shoddy workmanship on putting it together as well.

Eric Hoffer

I got a wooden 3-seat sofa.

I got a wooden 3-seat sofa. I believe it was assembled right, but it should have had about a 100 lb weight limit advertised, with instructions to sit down on it slowly even then. I had to reinforce it all over the place to keep it from flexing and groaning so much, with some parts getting damaged already. It was ready to snap to pieces under me. In retrospect I could see now it clearly wasn't made for any serious usage. The wood is just too thin and weak to support weight.

Horse meat in their food doesn't surprise me in the least.

There is literally zero

There is literally zero chance that Ikea sold you a wooden sofa that, when properly put together, cannot support 100 lbs. That is preposterous. Moreover, this is exactly ONE experience. You can Google for a bad experience with literally anything and find it. People are much more likely to complain than to praise. As I said, I use a lot of Ikea stuff and never have any problems except one time and it was my own fault. I'd put a lot of money down betting that you put a screw in wrong.

I don't really care about the horse meat. I don't see this being any different than what a lot of American meat companies do. A lot of "meat" products are mixes of various meats, some of which come from animals that don't sound too appetizing.

I don't really care what animal meat comes from and the adverse reaction to horse meat is purely cultural.

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When I was at a restaurant in Slovenia, they had horse meat

on the menu. The owner said horse meat was good and had miraculous healing powers. A few us in my party were going to order it, but one girl started crying so we ordered beef instead. The owner was going to give us a sample after dinner, but we had to catch a train and we left before we could try it. Great, now I just need to go to Ikea instead of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
I think everything is fair game, but being vegan sounds perfectly reasonable to me too. To me, what's important is that animals are not kept in cruel confinement their whole lives. I'd rather eat something wild that had great quality of life, than something that was not allowed to be what it was meant to be.

Truth in labeling.

That is the only problem. The supplier claimed the product was beef and pork. Testing showed traces of horse. If a processor has cross contamination in processed meat production, what other problems do they have.

When I buy beef, I go to my favorite rancher, pick out a steer, pay for it. In about two weeks, my favorite butcher has killed, cut, and wrapped. Same with pork. With lamb, I have to trust the rancher to pick out a few, but the same butcher takes care of the rest. No muss, no fuss.

What is the big outcry

against horse meat?

Is it illegal or?

Someone help me understand. It probably tastes pretty good.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Horse Meat Has Recently

been okayed by SOME government administration in the US and that is why they are now rounding up all the wild horses and KILLING them instead of adopting them out like they used to. It's legal to sell it here now. Isn't that nice? Those of you out there that think this is no big deal know nothing about horses. They are highly intelligent loving animals and eating them is as bad as eating your own dog or cat. But, with Obama in charge that will probably be okayed by the government next. Meanwhile, drinking raw milk is bad.


did they actually buy

horse meat on their invoices??? or is this just the manufacturer they purchased from? If you don't like IKEA fine, but I'd like to know if they pursued horse meat.

And what is bad about horse meat? Does it have fluoride in it or something?!/Agonzo1

Is horse meat bad for you or something?

Just wondering since everyone (or at least the media) is making it out to be some horrible thing.


BUT, people feel weird about it, and therefore it's cheaper, and they aren't told what it is, so hence it's stealth inflation.

Suppose the effort is to stop it here so next time it isn't rat, then dog, then ppl.

Today Swedish, tomorrow Soylent

I think there's shock value for eating a

specious that's a bit more on our team than ones raised for meat. That's always good for a story.

For me, there's shock value in just losing track of your supply chain to that degree and the thought that any old thing could end up in it. How far would a single, parasite-infested animal be mixed into an extensive batch, for example? There's a trace-ability issue that looks intractable once it's revealed to be this off.

Defend Liberty!

As if our ancestors didn't

As if our ancestors didn't eat their horses after then died or something. What's so bad about horse meat? I'd probably eat it if you gave it me. How much different can it be then deer?

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

If you ever had horses, you

If you ever had horses, you would know that they are just like dogs. Find something else to eat, we are living in a society here.

Um, what? Was colonial

Um, what? Was colonial America not a society? How are horses like dogs? Because we taught them to listen to what we tell them or because we keep them as pets? People have chickens and fish as pets but you wouldn't say we shouldn't eat them would you?

Please explain what makes horses so different? I don't expect horse meat to be much different in consistency then deer, and probably just as delicious.

Would you rather a horse just be put down and it's meat left to spoil, or used to feed others?

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Humans are omnivores

This is just one of the reasons we are literally at the top of the food chain. Horses are lovely creatures, dogs and cats are wonderful... But anything living is potentially food for someone.

OK breach of contract is one thing,

paying for one thing and getting another but horse is good and we have thousands of wild ones running around. They are better than good, horses are YUMMY.Given as they are such useful creatures, I like horses dead or alive.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.


Someone down-voted you so you got an up-vote from me.

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Ikea is a victim

if there was horsemeat. It is possible to vet suppliers more thoroughly, but it's cost prohibitive. I've done it with jet engine parts and there aren't many more things that sell for a high enough dollar to justify how much work that is.

But, so far we've only heard this from Czech authorities. There could be influence from native Czechs looking to use the authorities to give foreign products a black eye. Czechoslovakia's businessmen openly wield their influence in the government, they're even more obvious about it, as in old-school bribery and extortion, than the more roundabout versions the American corporatists go by.

Defend Liberty!

"vet suppliers"


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Where's the gnälla?!

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Gnägg! (neigh in Swedish)