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Senate Showtime for Gun Control Bills - my letter to Senator Merkley

OK, I'm not completely satisfied with this, but I had gotten
distracted and failed to contact my congress critters on this
issue. I know you should be specific, brief, mention specific
bill numbers and all that, but I had to go for something
more in the "life the universe and everything" vein this time.
Well, better lame than nothing.

I guess letting this slide for this long has to do partly with the mind
boggling number of things there are to be outraged about if you spend
much time on DP and are paying attention - if it's not E-dentify it's the
NSA it's Janet Napolitano and drones over America...

At least in my case it's easy to spend too much time finding
out all the bad stuff that's going on, commenting to the
(mostly) converted here on DP - and not spending enough time
and energy doing something about it.

So, here's my letter to (liberal Democrat) Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

FWIW - Merkley is not without his good points - he's made efforts to stop
the war in Afghanistan, voted against NDAA, has tried to make secret
FISA court opinions public, etc.

I somehow get the impression he doesn't really get RKBA, however.

Now I'm wondering if I should waste my time writing to Ron Wyden..

"Dear Senator Merkley,

I am writing to you most specifically about gun control
measures before congress, but more generally about
the alarming tendency of the federal government's
continuing expansion of its power and reach into the
lives of citizens which President Obama has been
actively pursuing and far too many in Congress have
been enabling.

As you have done some admirable work on behalf of
government openness and accountability (trying to make
FISA court opinions public, for example) and reducing
US involvement in undeclared wars, it would be very
unfortunate if you support yet a further unwarranted
expansion of federal power into the affairs of responsible
citizens and permanent residents in the form of expanded
gun control.

I used to consider myself a liberal and am proud of the
liberal tradition in the NW as represented by Wayne Morse
and (personally influential and inspirational to me) former
Congressman Jim Weaver. I was also a co-founder of
the Pacific Green Party and helped write its platform.

I am thoroughly disgusted though, with the way that
so-called progressives insist the the state micromanage
what should be the private and personal activities of
people in the name of preventing some vague harm that
people might do if the government wasn't there to
monitor and manage them.

Enough, already! If I want to give a gun to my child, or
buy or sell one from someone I've known my whole
life (and they are not someone legally proscribed from
possessing a gun) it is simply none of the government's
business if I do so.

The 2nd Amendment is not about duck hunting. It is about
the fundamental human right of self defense, whether against
a home invading gangbanger or state power run amok.

I think you have some sense that state power is already
running amok. Instead of facilitating that in the form of yet
more laws, databases and expanded federal police powers,
I would urge you to direct your efforts to renewing the country
as the constitutional republic of limited government which it was
intended to be - and from which we have strayed to our great peril."


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Will be interesting to see what his response will be.

Thank you - although it seems like

their responses are usually pretty generic and noncommittal.

If I happen to get anything that isn't, I'll post it...