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A Libertarian Essay #1) If I Say "I'm Going To Kill You," Do I Lose My Right To Privacy?

Okay libertarians it's time to REALLY exercise that noggin...

I just asked myself this question (#1) and I honestly don't have a current opinion one way or the other... what should the law be?

IMO - If I'm SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER and it's documented somewhere that should be enough for a search warrant signed by a judge (which could be later scrutinized by a grand jury for presentment purposes if necessary to arrest that judge).

The judge would know that fundamentally he is violating my rights - however must weigh his treasonous act against public opinion. Technically and fundamentally... unless I've committed a CRIME - violating my rights as a public servant - is treason.

So there ya go... my opinion has been formed. You can copy my answer if you like or you can form your own. What say you DP?

(#2) Is there a correlation between how you use your freedom of speech and your right to privacy?

(#3) In certain/special circumstances... depending on context perhaps... is saying "I'm going to kill you" a CRIME?

Finally: (#4) Just exactly what does it mean to have RIGHTS? Does your answer to #3 make the answer to this question more difficult?

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Wow... seriously? Nothing?

Americans are such pussies... and they think they're going to succeed in some kind of armed 1776 revolution.

They don't even have the courage to answer a few simple questions. It's amazing on some of these posts I watch REALLY important information that REALLY locks it down for people - which side ARE YOU ON?

If you're sitting there in FEAR not wanting to get involved in a REAL discussion about RIGHTS - You GET WHAT YOU DESERVE... and... you're ON THEIR SIDE. What side? The COMMIE side!

...but DAMNNIT - I've worked my arse of for 20 something years trying prevent an overwhelming force. I'm not an entirely immovable object all by myself... someone please wade in here and jump in this foxhole with me?

Either you're free or you're a slave. The silent ones (who are normally outspoken on most issues) are the slaves.