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One Million Moms Against Gun Control

Jessica from South Windsor leads the Connecticut chapter of "One Million Moms Against Gun Control".



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I think that,,,

I think that they should have the mother in Loganville Georgia as keynote speaker. She shot the home invader 5 times to protect herself and children as they hid in closet.
Common sense and not knee jerk emotional reaction is always a better solution to any problem or issue. I am just stunned at how many irrational people exist in this country and are just following the rabid pack of gun control people. I pity the people that end up in a situation that nothing in this world will protect them except a gun and all they have is a "Gun Free Zone" sign to hold up.


Do u really want the prudish anti-gay "1 milliom moms" support??

Other than gay people, and now gun control...they also hate Geico for this commercial.


yea I hate that commercial

yea I hate that commercial too.



What would the Founders do?

Meet Monica...

From Texas at...http://www.armedcitizenproject.org/

Thank you

For sharing

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain