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Pope, Queen and Prime Minister of Canada sentenced to 25 years.

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The interesting thing is that anyone even listens to junk like this. It's like watching CNN and pretending it makes any sense. A fake court somewhere said someone did something and even though we have no power we're going to make someone do something sometime if we can maybe cuz we thinks we gotsta. Ridiculous.

Fake court? What is a

Fake court? What is a legitimate court? Was the Declaration of Independence a fake rebellion?

Was Jesus full of poop when he stated whenever two or more gather in has name it shall be done as requested so the son can glorify the father? According to your logic there can be fake gatherings of people ...

Regarding the absurd remark it doesn't make sense how about citing something specifically in the documents posted which does not make sense or is unreasonable. Not only did it make perfect sense as I read it because it was plainly written but it seems entirely reasonable for people to form their own tribunals and publish their findings of fact for the entire world, as in the Declaration of Independence.


Was this pope in power when when these atrocities occurred? Will this court be fair and restrain the church, or does it seek to destroy the church? What is its bias? We really don't know the answers to many questions involved. Sure we can all set up courts, but it doesn't mean we're going to be just. Because you first have to know God to know what Justice even means. I seriously doubt these people do. Justice is non existent in a world without God.


my feet are eating tomato sauce.

This post may be valid. Remember Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney

"They cannot travel freely in Europe for fear of being arrested.

However, the problem is not restricted to the Bush administration. Barack Obama is also guilty of war crimes, as he has continued and expanded the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. In all these countries, war and/or drone strikes have killed thousands of innocent people while doing nothing good and creating more people who hate American policy.

The multinational corporate elite need to continue this policy of endless war, for profit, for resources like oil, and for global economic control. The military-industrial complex and the national security apparatus set up after 9/11 consume more than $1tn a year, while pensions, social security and Medicare are under attack. Rarely if ever mentioned by the corporate-controlled mass media is the enormous cost to taxpayers of war, the military and the national security state."


The policy in question here was ended in 1986, under the Mulroney Gov't

The government was then subsequently found guilty of this violation by a UN Human Right Tribunal, in 1996, under the Chretien Gov't.
When Harper was sworn in he publicly apologized for the 'Native School' events - not that an apology amounts to very much...

So how is Harper guilty of covering this up? He wasn't even in parliament at that time?

Was Reagan guilty of a coverup when he apologized to the Japanese Americans for similar crimes?

I am no Harper fan - but come on

the ruling makes no sense and is not based in reality
Also have fun getting the police to make an arrest of a Gov't official based upon the (non)authority of this court

"ongoing Criminal Conspiracy"

Rustle I think it's the "being part of the ongoing ......" where Harper is guilty. They must have some evidence of ongoing activity.

It's just PR to bring attention to these problems

This is a kangaroo court. There was no real trial.

a case of beer,

When a group of your peers gathers together to judge a buddy and take a vote, remedy being a case of beer, that's a Kangaroo Court.

"An International Common Law Tribunal is established under the international legal principle of a Necessity Act under which citizens can establish a bona fide judicial mechanism rooted in the Common Law".

This type of tribunal is the last leg we have to stand on when all else fails under existing laws and customs (This case of beer has been in the making since 1996). It's a given that not a single peace officer would jeopardize their careers to arrest any of these criminals.

They really expect this to be done without force?

I'll believe it when I see it.

itccs guilty

This citizen juror finds the itccs guilty of stupidity.


"The Defendants have seven days from the issuing of this ORDER, until March 4, 2103, to comply. After March 4, 2013, an International Arrest Warrant will be issued against these Defendants".

Is this a Sorcha Faal thing or what...?


I do not doubt the truth of the accusations, simply the validity of the itcc. Come on already.


I doubt both.

Enjoy The Ride

Investigate a tad more. This cause is amazing. This is huge for the Free Movement and Mr. Paul.