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Fujifilm develops technology to use humans as batteries

Matrix anyone? Heh. But seriously, Fujifilm has developed a kind of fabric that can be put around part of the body to generate electricity. This is apparently an attempt to help alleviate the rising expense of electricity over in Japan.


Just thought it was pretty interesting.

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Yeah. I feel like that's

Yeah. I feel like that's kinda how it is. Sit in your little cube apartment and watch the picture tube for a few hours. Then go to sleep and get ready for your low-paying job that keeps the wheels of industry spinning just enough to keep things going. If people could help take pressure off the grid, then bam. All set.

I have been waiting for this forever...

Every time I put my cell in my pocket, I feel it should be charging... We are just literally wasting our heat.

I just thought of a sad state of affairs (basically where we are now) What if Japan said, just sit here, in this shell all day, we will feed you, show you entertaining programming via this box we call the tv, provide free health care, heat/ac, hell you won't even have to get up to use the bathroom, we will catch that waste and collect it for electricity too! You get to vote, you know, for better food, for better t.v's, for more comfortable chairs, "freer" health care, all you have to do is be a citizen of United Electric power. You get all the benefits and privelages, but, you have to follow our statues, ie sit on your ass all day so we can feed on your energy... Hospitals are going to LOVE this...
(Hint: this is currently being done not indirectly with electricity, but more directly with your wages...)

I'm actually surprised they haven't done this with animals. I guess the electricity they produce doesn't provide enough money generation to justify the costs of food and care... Someday it may if electricity prices go crazy...