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WOW! This Smart Phone Could Save Billions in Medical Costs

WOW! This Smart Phone Could Save Billions in Medical Costs

If this video is for real and the device is available in the near future, it could save billions in medical costs and give us all a better quality of life.


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Yeah wonderful now the big

Yeah wonderful now the big pharma drug pushers should be able to double their business with instant diagnoses and cure... Hurry to your pusher er ah I mean doctor to get your prescription... cures what ails you... Sigh!

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this is pretty cool...

this is pretty cool... hopefully we can make it cheap enough for everyone. Of cours, if the government stays out of the way


Until the developers get sued for failure to save a person's life!

This is a fantastic new use of technology

But Oh sure, whenI post it no one looks at it! I tell ya (Rodney Dangerfield) I get no respect! guys I'm kidding!

I can see where it could be good and bad

I do not like the idea of it being connected to a network that would allow people to view and record the data but if you use a iPod and if you could have it personally so it isn't at the doctors exposure. Then doctor put the device on your iPod and use it to do the test I could see it being a good thing due to cost saving and convenience to the patient and it would also not affect a persons privacy and security.

This really is great

The potential for reducing costs and predicting ailments easily outweighs the possible privacy concerns. The day it becomes some mandatory thing is the day to worry. For those with medical issues that now require a day or ten in the hospital because they overran their abilities, this could be a lifeline.

Besides... In a world where every aspect of society is making great strides in technological advancement, maybe we're fighting the wrong battle. Instead of trying to stay living in the stone age because we don't trust our new overlords with it, maybe we should allow technology to flourish and get the leadership under control? Just a thought!

Oh Great

Now those stupid phones will be spying on our health status too. Do you really want a phone company monitoring you that way? You should think this through before giving it kudos.



unforeseen consequences