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I find myself in a quandary and need some DP advice!

I've always loved movies. My parents gave me a video camera for an early birthday, and ever since then I've been fascinated with the idea of playing out whatever scenario I could dream of and showing it to as many as I could. With all the fear embedded in the TV/film industry, I could be a positive voice in the mix, a truth warrior and a non-conformist. That's why, after high school, I declined a full academic scholarship to my favorite state university and moved across the country to LA to pursue that dream.

Now, almost 9 years later, I find myself in a difficult situation.

I love living here. I found my wife and made a home with her here. I have an amazing full-time job editing a TV show, with two more confirmed to come after, employing me for the year at this foreseeable point (which in this town is REALLY good to know). My wife is an actress, and a really damn good one. She hasn't hit it big yet but she will and its in her heart. We have a group of close friends that have taken a really long time to make. Besides all this the weather is fantastic.

On the other hand, the taxes here are out of this world. It seems like every single person LOVES Obama and its heresy to say anything bad about him. I'm "that Ron Paul guy". My paycheck gets raped every week, even though a lot of it's federal. I have a suspended driver's license because of a couple tickets that exploded so fast in price I couldn't handle them from the get-go AND the city seized my car and auctioned it. That was almost four years ago and I'm still paying it off. With all I've learned about a possible economic collapse, any number of "terrorist attacks", etc, this city is not the one to be in. If I prepare myself right, I could possibly weather out some crazy @$%. But then again, I live in an apartment in a low income area of town, no yard to plant vegetables in or anything like that, and people could get really crazy around here in a worst-case scenario.

I don't know what to do. I love it here but there are some downsides. A job is really good to have right now, but could another emerging film town need my talents? And how recession-proof is my industry really? It might be better to stick around here with people I know will give me a job if they have one. And... I can remain a positive, non-conforming truth warrior in a shallow sea of adherents to the elite world of self-admiration and nepotism.

Any fellow DPer advice would be welcomed!

PS I just started buying gold, I know, a little late but better late than never!

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...if you love traffic and college kids everywhere. :)

I moved to Austin briefly right out of college and it was UT everywhere all the time. It was too much for me, personally, but I dig Austin(ites?) - my father still resides there.... ;)

Oak Cliff? REALLY?

You DO KNOW that Oak Cliff is the ghetto of Dallas Right? I don't care if it IS trying to build it's way out of being the asshole of the body of Dallas but I can't BELIEVE you are steering people to that cesspool! GET REAL!


and P.S.....

Check his budget, yo. He's not going to want to pay $1100 for a crappy-urban-sprawl-SMU-apartment in uptown.

He's a film maker, he needs to be around the production studios, which are in Deep Ellum (Reel FX.) In Deep Ellum, it's hard to find a comfy place to live, it's very wearhousy....

Design District is planting something new soon, but it's gonna be awhile for those to finish.

Yes, Oak Cliff.

There's a historic part of Oak Cliff, in which you presumably have not lived or visited, I'm guessing.

In fact, I ran a spatial analysis on Oak Cliff right after the election using the Primary data and Oak Cliff had a statistically significant amount of Ron Paul votes. (Thus, another reason for my recommendation.)

It should be pretty obvious to whomever decides to house hunt in Oak Cliff which buildings are Section 8 housing and which are in the historic arts community.

Hope that helps clarify!

Good advice!

Also, you have to mentally and soulfully adjust your priority set. To save your family you might have to live with less, but be assured you've done your job as provider by securing them from harm.

What's really important? Pantene helping people stop split ends?

Or playing baseball a couple times a week, going to Church, being around good people with similar interests and knowing your family is safe?

One doesn't have to live with less moving out of LA.

Sure, you might not make as much, but you won't need to either. There are plenty of places with reasonable costs of living that would fit both their careers and most likely, those places won't be hostile to their world view.