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Open Carry. Fcuk Concealed Carry. Heres Why...

There are many nefarious reasons why, but the main reason open carry is so frowned upon is to brainwash and condition the public that no citizen should be armed; that the only armed people should be "the state" or the police and military. Why arent the police or the military forced to cc? Its to brainwash and condition the public that they are the only "class" who is allowed to own them.

Think of it like this: You have the natural and God given right to openly defend your life because no one has the right to take your life unless you threaten theirs. Gun owners and thus people who believe they have the right to defend their lives are an oppressed class of people.

Having to hide your gun from people because they are offended or scared is no different than forcing someone of color to paint their skin white because they are offended or scared of darker skinned people. You have no business in feeling ashamed of who you are and the fact that you treasure your life enough to defend it.

Imagine a society where it was the law to hide who you are. Imagine a society where the police would throw you behind bars for drinking out of the wrong water fountain or throw you in detainment camps for being Asian. Imagine being segregated for not doing anything wrong other than being who you are. You have every right to openly display your natural and God given right to defend your life like people who own their skin have a right to openly display and defend it.

Enough of this concealed carry business. Stop behaving like cowards.

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