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Santelli: "What If The Fed Did Less?"

"Things would be a lot different. The prevalence of counter-factuals or 'coulda-shoulda-woulda's in mainstream economics is stunningly biased to explaining "why we're still in the doldrums outside of course of the stock market."

Video below:


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Would it collapse? Really?

I really do ponder this.

The asset values would collapse and so would the big banks.

The banks need this money. Their assets are worthless. The stock market would collapse, house price would collapse, pensions would not be paid, the government would have to balance budget, tons of layoffs and and wage cuts. But, everyone's standard of living from their pay would go up.

But What About Bonds?

The stock market would collapse, house price would collapse....

Probably so, but Treasury bonds would likely rally. I reckon that if the Fed got out of the way and stopped doing QE4EVER, the 10-year Treasury yield would be a lot closer to 1% than 2%. Think Japan.

Ed Rombach

If the fed did nothing...

The fed steps in whenever the Gold/Silver market reaches upper resistance to avoid a price breakout.

If the fed didn't do this, we wouldn't be able to purchase heavily discounted Gold and Silver. More importantly, the economy would completely collapse. What do you think the price of gas at the pump would be with gold at $3,000? What about $10,000?

The fed, make no mistake, is a criminal organization that profits from unjust money, but right now, without their manipulation, the US economy would completely collapse.

Not saying that the fed should continue to exist, just making sure people know what ending the fed would mean.

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And even though the first rule...

And even though the first rule of Precious Metals Club is, do not talk about Precious Metals Club -- I encourage everyone to take advantage of this temporary blue light special* to stack up.

* Term from a bygone age relating to K-Mart. Never experienced one, myself.

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Its pretty simple to understand....

Here is the answer in 1 simple graph on another post.


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Nice video that sums it all up.

The Fed steals without losing any sleep over what they do to us.