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List problems that most Dems, Repubs and Indies would agree need fixing

-- Congressional pay increases voted on by the congress.

-- The corporate media. It needs to be completely removed from the election process.

-- Calling your congressperson is a pretend solution.

-- Quantity of money trumps quality of candidate.

-- We quibble over divisive issues while the PTB steals our money.

Okay. Now your turn.

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You're the Winner of a Tid-bit!

Tid-bit winner,

I recently found out that the best way to contact your Congressman is by fax.

Strange? Of course it is. Helpful? Probably not. I thought I would at least interject this tid-bit because it's loosely related to your Congressman fixer-upper.


Foreign Aid

I gave an older union man a 5 minute rant on foreign aid and once I was done he agreed with me 100%

"If we can't even afford to feed and shelter our own, why are we sending billions of dollars to nations on the other side of the world?"

"You'd like to think that money goes to, you know, building schools.. hospitals.. but it actually goes to the people with power who drop the cash on weapons. So we're actually just funding war and not helping people."

They will never agree. Return to the Constitution now.

That would require: sound money, balanced budget, limited government, no foreign wars, no transfer payments, no....

~ lack of jobs/outsourcing

~ poor education system (88-66% graduation rate, with millions of students graduating with 8th Grade skills)
~ national debt
~ erosion of liberties
~ corporations granted human rights

There are a few more, tonym.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


good ones!

So, I got them all? Damn. I'm

So, I got them all? Damn. I'm good.