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Russian all purpose vehicle

Video -


I have seen one elsewhere from the inside and has beds, kitchen/sink, etc.

website - but I do not speak the language of backwards letters ;)


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1982 Called - They Want their Propaganda Back.

"Our country is in tatters Comrades! Look at the Useless shit we built with your Money!"

They look like they BARELY work.
House a small family of Corrupt Russian Officials.
And I'm pretty sure an old-school Hummer could do a better job with the swampy area.


Should be an RT piece on this soon....and I think that "Soviet Hero" who won that imaginary Medal will be the first Owner, right?

-The Onion

Here is a company promo video


..because you just never know lol



not impressed!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Machines have their limits. Here is awesome power.

Pull a big rig out of a snow bank.

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Reminds me of

the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle! http://youtu.be/g1QMTzX5geQ

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This is


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Reminds me of Junkyard wars

Remember that show anyone? They had one episode where they had three teams competing to build the ultimate all terrain vehicle; American, British, and Russian. The vehicle had to run a dirt track through the desert, rock climb an off road course, and cross a lake all with out stops or modification. The british basically built a rock crawling truck with floats for the lake. The americans did the same except with more power. The russians took a rowboat, put an undercarriage and small motor on it, and mounted a winch to the front to pull them up through the rocks. They didn't even attempt to power their contraption across the lake, but simply made some paddles. Needless to say, they won the race in quite the hilarious manner. Fun show if you can ever find a copy of it.

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