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2/25/13 - Ron Paul on Alex Jones Show Warning Americans?

Video thanks to SC Butterfly:


Dear good folks,

There is an apparent reason for the quickly arranged interview with Dr. Paul today (2-25-13) on the Alex Jones show.

The dollar is about to crash as planed to do. Market fears are rampant. Things could come to a halt in March?

All the real preparations of the babylonians is tell-tale to the fact that they are not getting ready to plant spring gardens as they should be.

One thing is for certain, one would be well advised to listen closely to what Dr. Ron Paul has to say and then ask yourself, is he warning the people to get ready? He seems to have that energy of no other hope for this falling country.

May God help America.

Go to 46:00 minute mark here:



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I began listenintg to the You Tube

video link and then it quit and I got a message this video is no longer available. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks for sharing....Dr.

Thanks for sharing....Dr. Paul seems energized and focussed. I wished AJ would stop interjecting his own views on top of RP's as he's speaking.

It appears this is the YT:

Alex Jones Ron Paul 25.feb.2013

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