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Holy crap! My Ron Paul action figure/doll FINALLY came in...

Title pretty much says it all. After waiting a little over a year, my RP order finally came in. Hope other people have gotten theirs or will soon.

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As the saying goes...

"Pics or it didn't happen."

Did you contact them,

or did it just show up? Perhaps mine will finally arrive as well. If you notified them, could you let me know who I need to get into contact with? Thank you and congratulations.

How Ironic...

For some reason I was thinking about this the last couple weeks (maybe its because I still get emails from these deadbeats asking for support).

Today, I got a piece of mail from Revolution Pac for the first time that I can remember, asking me to send them money to support the 2nd Amendment.

Signed by some guy named Larry (who is this?!?).

All I could think about was if it was fraud that they never sent me the item I purchased about a year ago.

Maybe I will continue to show patience now that you say they are shipping.

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I wonder

how many of us there are. Every once in a while it pops into my head and then I get busy doing something and I forget about it again. By the way, I received that same letter from Larry last week and I don't know who he is either other than it sites him as 'chairman' of Revolution Pac.

Do you pull a string and he says,