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We Can’t Stop Rampaging Killers Attacking Strangers by Hiding From the Obvious

Lately there has been a rash of incidents where people have been acting out violent fantasies. Until the Colorado movie theater carnage the blame was placed on violent extremely realistic video which let people live out a fantasy without stopping at shock with the first sight of blood, or an unexpected scream.

Now some want instead to blame semi-automatics while many libertarians wants to blame gun-free zones.

Many areas were crowds routinely converge are gun free except traffic tie-ups. Arguing in favor of libertarian value based on the premise that the next carnage won’t be in a gun allowed area is a self created set up for a fall. The most reported carnage was the months the Capitol Beltway sniper was on the rampage. At that point banning violent video not guns was the public cry. The Washington DC area a decade ago was terrorized by two snipers, Lee Boyd Malvo the teenager was once a sweet easy going orphan. During the trial, the endless violent video he was pressured to watch and the lectures he was given by the ex-special forces sniper who befriended him was said to have made him a brainwashed zombie.

Something about James Holmes deciding to enact a batman movie villain made many uneasy about blaming violent video. Holmes spent his free hours with his friends, besides going to the movies, playing Guitar Hero, on a silent electric guitar, he almost always got louder cheers then his closest friend who struggled to keep up with him. Why should one exception, a man who usually played rock star, not Batman villain, change this country’s focus on what’s to blame. Since he never was in the army he had to have some gun practice at least at the arcade level.

The attacker of the Norwegian youth camp and the Norwegian president’s office complex spent six months day and night on the computer then he moved to the county to prepare bombs and practice with guns. His friends had been happy that he moved away from his mother and endless hours on the computer, but he refused to let his friends visit him. They weren’t loners they were all sociable, (of course Malvo was cornered and an exception) who but always tended to be at the edge of things. They were always last in conversations but they were first with the friends on the computer, and there on-line successes increased as their personal life was falling apart, Adam Lanza was going to be locked up because his mother was starting to get multiple sclerosis. The others, all bright, were suddenly failing college. Jared Loughner who attacked Rep Gifford, received no on-line praise for his conspiracy theories; as for the others their on-line successes were cheered by a few fans. I think it’s important to note that Jared Loughner like the rest had friends they weren’t close to. Most as out of it as Loughner only had caregivers and relatives to associate with.

If Adam Lanza’s rampage, after spending a week straight on the computer in his basement, then attacking his mother and the kids his mother, at times, volunteered with at the elementary school had happened before James Homes’ movie theater attack, it would have led be a campaign to ban violent video similar to the efforts to try to stop on-line child pornography. .

To speculate a moment, on-line became real and getting up, eating and taking a shower became make-believe. Most, where the off-line world became an illusion, never killed anyone. Most whose necessities of life were disrupted by the computer just fall apart. Tyler Rigsby collapsed from dehydration after four days and nights on the computer, Chuang after 40 hours of "Diablo 3", Chen Rong-yu after 23 hours straight, a mother arrested for starving her dogs and her kids eating cold beans from a can three days straight. Chris Staniforth died during a 12 paid study for computer game design. This didn't lead to games having breaks now and then similar to TV commercials. without anyone even suggesting automatic breaks for commercials.

Why are so many anxious to try to sue gun manufactures but not computer design companies?

PS I hope posting the names allows for googling pertinent links. I haven’t yet learned how to highlight links instead of posting a viable distracting visible links. By the way a computer whiz gave the same warning in ’High Tech Heretic’ a decade years ago,

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commercial breaks

in video games? really?
there is a break between 'chapters'.
to think mastering call of duty on your ps3 somehow trains one in the effective use of a real weapon is absurd. i've yet to find a real rifle that only requires the use of my two thumbs to handle.

how about we accept the fact there are nut jobs out there that will enjoy some of the same things that quasi-normal people enjoy as well.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Writing the above article changed my life:

Thanks to my warning for others to wake up I changed my life as well

Writing the above article changed my life: I stopped composing in LibreOffice instead in Notepad, computer editing later. Besides making me incoherent Ahmadinejad became Ahmabad or something similar. I at least didn’t have to apologize for plagiarism like Fareed Zakaria, for his entire sentence suggesting word processor.

Now have a 10 minute timer and then 30 seconds on my exercise bike, pester my friend who prefers my computer to the library’s. Civilization taught me to put on clothes and sit still in class, now I won’t let it make me stay still enough to get a blood clot. Our distant ancestors had to work hard to get overweight in the summer for fat for winter, continued,

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In Philly PA RichardKanePA

New Tecnology around glitches may put drones in control of thems

US and Iran are fighting over the controls of US drones over Iran making them make a soft landing in Iran, or Israel hoped the US would send in the Navy Seals to bring the drones back to the United States.

The following info means the drones will control themselves perhaps real soon.

New technology is being invented to allow a computer to try random patterns to find away around computer glitches instead of crashing.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA