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What Would you Do If You Had $50k in a 401K?

I have been spreading Ron Paul's warning and preaching his message anywhere, and soon run across people with lots of stock in the stock market. It seems to me like when the crash comes that will crash too. My recommendations over stock would be:

- putting my savings in a money market fund..less risk during a downturn?

- hanging tight on a very broad range of mostly middle of the road, medium growth mutual funds

- getting it out and putting it in Swiss Francs.

Many people do not have safes and do not feel comfortable having large amounts of silver or gold in the house. What's the next best thing? Of course, this is after I am sure the person already understands the importance of storing food, batteries, water purification, duct tape, etc. I don't talk about anything until this foundation is understood.

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i cleaned out almost half of my 401k

in 2007 and bought metals. what's left i can't touch until retirement,or i quit my job of 32 years lol

close it down NOW. pay the

close it down NOW. pay the penalty. Buy as many 90% US silver pre 64 dimes I could.

I would

take 15k in cash and bury it in my yard

15k in american eagle gold coin

15k in american silver eagle coin

5k in food, guns and ammo

But where would you keep the coins?

People say "I don't want to keep that much valuables in my house, someone will steal it or kill me for it."

Release the Sandy Hook video.

buy a safe that you can bolt

buy a safe that you can bolt to the floor, with a real combination lock, not an electronic one. And DON'T talk about what's in there or even the fact that it exists. Tell ONE trusted person and one trusted person only what the combination is.

get a safe and a few guns

also get food from