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U.S. Map of Fluoridation Levels by County

Average fluoridation levels by county in the USA (based on 2006 data):

Source: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2013/02/fluoridation-le...

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Fluoridation Fun Facts

Many European countries have rejected water fluoridation in general. This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, Iceland, and Italy. A 2003 survey of over 500 Europeans from 16 countries concluded that "the vast majority of people opposed water fluoridation".


Israel has 65% fluoridation. Since most of the southern portion of Israel has naturally fluoridated water, the figure is probably closer to 100%.

China: 0% " It is believed that China stopped fluoridating the water because it lowered the IQ by 10-15 points."

Less than 1% of Japan practices water fluoridation.

Switzerland has no water fluoridation only because they decided to fluoridate domestic salt. Best check the ingredients on that Swiss chocolate.

Brazil 60%, Chile 70%, Australia and New Zealand have full fluoridation except for Christchurch, and Vietnam has only 4%.

This is from 2006

curious what it looks like 7 years later.


Are there corresponding maps showing similar patterns of health issues? Can't get the page to load.

Good Thing

That I live on a farm with 7 wells...2 hooked up to the house itself. I live two sections over from the rural water tower for my area, but the old man who originally purchased the ground and built my home in 1941 refused to hook up to the rural water system when they brought it through back in the 90's. I'm currently in NW Ellis Co, KS.

Robert Wenzel = woot!

Good stuff on his site.

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This is great.

Thank you for sharing.

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It'd be nice to see what the levels of fluoride indicated on the map would have as an impact on health.
Anyone know off-hand?

In Oregon, Portland is under attack by the fluoride pushers, they want to see everyone get their healthy drink of fluoride there despite it being voted down by the city several times now.

☠ Fluoride salesman are highly motivated. ☠

What they sell is all profit + they avoid toxic waste dump fines & fees. Limited liability.
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