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Rand Paul's Extraordinarily Difficult Path to the Presidency

Pleasing mainstream conservatives without alienating his libertarian base is much easier said than done

By Matt K. Lewis | February 19, 2013 | The Week

When Chris Wallace asked Sen. Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday how serious he was about making a real run for the presidency, Paul replied: "I would absolutely not run unless it were to win."

"We won't make a decision until 2014," Paul said, adding that he believes America is ready for a "libertarian Republican narrative."

The path forward seems obvious. Paul must solidify his father's libertarian-leaning support, sprinkle in some mainstream conservative backers (folks his dad could never reach), and — voila! — he will have assembled a "libertarian-Republican" coalition capable of winning a decent slice of the primary electorate — maybe (in a large primary field) even enough to win Iowa, something his dad could never quite pull off.

In short, Rand Paul will attempt to position himself as a younger, saner, more broadly appealing Ron Paul.

At first glance, this appears to be working well. But if you look below the surface, you'll see signs that it may be hard for Rand to have his cake and eat it, too.

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The sad part is

He'd have such an easier time of this if rand haters would learn to "appreciate the difficult maneuver Paul is attempting."


what a pathetic attempt at a hit piece. if that's all they can muster then president rand paul 2016 will be a shoe-in.


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Rand Paul 2016

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Just my .02 cents...(Gold

Just my .02 cents...(Gold standard of course :)) Rand should just stay in the Senate and make waves there. He's not a bankers boy, and if he runs in 16 he'll get the treatment from the MSM his dad got. The elites will run fat mouthed Christie because "He's a dynamic speaker!" or Rubio who isnt even eligible. This has been happening in the R party since 1936, read "A choice not an echo" Robert Taft got robbed 3 different times. God forbid we had someone have a shot that didnt want endless war and world wide bureaucracies. Taft didnt even want us to join NATO as it would affect our sovereignity. The last few appearences Rand has had on MSM he is talking debt and drones thats good, and he's the only Senator doing so. Also Kentucky state law says that you can only run for one office at a time, and he is up for re-election in 16....

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Doing the same things and expecting different results, Insanity!

Talking about Rand for President is a waste of our time people. Unless we take over the party, change the rules that eliminated the grassroots, and be on track to get rid of computer voting. By the 2014 mid terms the GOP is dead as is any chance of getting anyone we might endorse in. My take is the GOP will be used as a distraction again for those that would oppose the establishment's acceleration toward total power. Obama is going to register us all for gun ownership and healthcare while finishing the Utah data center and Hillary will be coming calling for our papers and guns in her first term in 2016.

Even if Rand were the perfect candidate (which he is not even close to) talking about this election in 2016 and ignoring real issues that we witnessed first hand just months ago, and know are not solving themselves, is ludicrous, a definition of insanity.

We better stop talking about Rand and start talking about what a vote means anymore and what if anything we can do about it short of picking up a gun. It is time to "go to the mattresses".
Sorry to be the downer here people but if I have to see one more stupid post about Rand in 2016 I,, I,,, I yi yi.....

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

If Rand could get fair time

If Rand could get fair time in the debates and a few conservative cheerleaders, he would have a shot. However Rubio represents the Harvard elite and all their money, and is most likely a neo-con behind closed doors. He will also be used to put a dent in the Democrats tent with the latino vote. It would be difficult to overcome that, but never say never. When it comes to the nomination it would come down to who sees through Rubio, and who trusts Rand.

It will be challenging

I am all in for Rand for President, but you know damn well the Republican Party Rhinos will be doing their dirty tricks to push Rubio or someone else they want in line first.

United we stand, divided we

United we stand, divided we fall.

With the current state of events

NDAA, Drones Galore, Devaluing Dollar and a Totalitarian Gun-grab. I pray there is an election 2016. :/ Just my 2 cents.

as bad as things will get in

as bad as things will get in the next few years I think judge Nap is the only one who can reach the dumbed down masses.

Rand should push for Judge

Rand should push for Judge Nap to run.

Except that his dad did win

Except that his dad did win Iowa.

and Virginia, and Maine, and

and Virginia, and Maine, and Missouri, and many, many more.

Let's not forget how much we won, and how much they stole!

He has to beat Ron in the

He has to beat Ron in the primary first, and that ain't gonna happen :)

pahh easier said than done

many of the Establishment republicans already have their pick for Rubio or Christie for President, no one is even talking much about Rand except for us...and not in a good way either.

I think making that announcement until 2014 is the best way to do it IMO. Congress really is the burden here people. They have not passed a single productive bill since H.R 459. and now that the good doctor is out of the house. its extremely CRITICAL people here get their heads out of the sand and start focusing on our Legislative branch before we start talking Executive.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Rand Paul has an uphill

Rand Paul has an uphill battle against his father's fans because he is not a, "Ron Paul Puritan."

We are not going to here Rand Paul say, "We ought to close all of our bases over the globe and simply bring our troops home, and mind our own business."

That's not how the world works anymore...sad, but true.

Americans are smart enough to understand what a power vacuum is, and I'm not talking about a Hoover.

There will ALWAYS be a, "King of the Hill." If the United States folds up and goes home, some other nation will move in....naturally.

Rand Paul is not going to say Iran isn't a threat to the United States.

Rand Paul is not going to say Israel should get zero dollars from the United States. I think many Americans are smart enough to realize and understand how Israel stands at the tip of the Western world.

Only in the West can a person freely make fun of a deity, and even make money off of it. I personally detest and deplore, "art," of the Virgin Mary with dung splattered all over her....but the absolute LAST thing I'd want to do is sentence the, "artist," or political dissident to death.

And that's what happens in Iran, China, Russia, and all over the Eastern (Muslim) world.

Poke fun at Allah? Next thing you know people want you dead.

Was I offended when Charlie Brown poked fun at Jesus? No, I thought it was funny.

But what happened when a political cartoonist made fun of Allah?

WHAT separates the West from the East?

A sense of humor.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

There is much to consider.

If he does not promote truth and do what is right to the American people and other innocent human beings around the world, what difference will one or two terms make other than to perpetuate the government that we have now. That is, IF, which I do not believe, tptb will 'allow' him a win.

I would just as soon get things over with and begin anew. I never did like prolonged agony or pussy-footing around. All that does is desensitize most everybody involved.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

he's not a puppet....

...they're going to try to "box him in", and leave us on the outside.

Fact is, he is NOT like them...being them that rejected his father over the WAR ISSUES ALONE, even though they knew damn well Ron was more Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, cut-and-slash Republican than they could ever hope for...

Saying it like that makes me HATE the Republican Party; but, it's our only vehicle(as Justin Amash told John Stossel the other night), so we must WAR with Karl.Rove and TAKE IT from him and his Statist usurpers with....ready?....the YOUNG LIBERTIAN PEOPLE who want to be free and fiscally responsible at the same time; under the Rule of Law which means these crooks are not only going to be torn from power and place, but, these bastards are going to JAIL when we win!!!

Count on it!!!

You said:

"under the Rule of Law which means these crooks are not only going to be torn from power and place, but, these [*] are going to JAIL when we win!!!"

I suppose that is why they will try so hard to box him out...
Well written, I actually felt some hope!

Does he have a Libertatian base?

I thought just tea party GOP wanted him.