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US invasion of Iraq set the current conditions of injustice and gave rise to extremism.

OP: The criminals in DC said US forces would be greeted with open arms and Iraqis would FINALLY be free from tyranical rule. Instead, just like Dr Paul SAID would happen...close to 1 million innocent people were murdered, 2 million left homeless, and the broken citizens of Iraq now live under a new tyranny. Governments are so EVIL!...and there is very little doubt anymore that the US Government is the worst of the worst. :-(

For Iraqi women, America's promise of democracy is anything but liberation. Iraq's jailers learned their abuses from the allied occupiers. And under today's sectarian regime, women are under assault

A decade on from the US-led invasion of Iraq, the destruction caused by foreign occupation and the subsequent regime has had a massive impact on Iraqis' daily life – the most disturbing example of which is violence against women. At the same time, the sectarian regime's policy on religious garb is forcing women to retire their hard-earned rights across the spectrum: employment, freedom of movement, civil marriage, welfare benefits, and the right to education and health services.

Instead, they are seeking survival and protection for themselves and their families. But for many, the violence they face comes from the very institution that should guarantee their safety: the government. Iraqi regime officials often echo the same denials of the US-UK occupation authorities, saying that there are few or no women detainees. An increasing number of international and Iraqi human rights organizations reports otherwise.

The plight of women detainees was the starting point for the mass protests that have spread through many Iraqi provinces since 25 December 2012. Their treatment by the security forces has been a bleeding wound – and one shrouded in secrecy, especially since 2003. Women have been routinely detained as hostages – a tactic to force their male loved ones to surrender to security forces, or confess to crimes ascribed to them. Banners and placards carried by hundreds of thousands of protesters portray images of women behind bars pleading for justice.


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