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Iraq has become the third most corrupt government in the world

Besides, the occupation forces and the estimated 150 000 Private Military and Security contractors, both are immune from Iraqi law and are beyond the authority of the government of Iraq. Such fragmentation of the security forces encourages lawlessness and chaos. This is very dangerous situation. It encourages a culture of ‘War- Lordism’ and in our opinion is at the heart of the break down of law and order in today’s Iraq.

There is talk of establishing a Commission for Human Rights in Iraq. All these official HR institutions mentioned above are toothless. They have not and we maintain will not play any role in improving human rights in Iraq especially when the rule of law is often ignored by members of the Iraqi Legislative and Executive bodies themselves. There is a pervasive lack of consequence and accountability inside the Iraqi Government itself.

The Seventh Session of the Universal Periodic Review on Iraq (pdf)

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Afghanistan, North Korea, and China and Mexico round out the top 5 ;)


So, which is the US?

1st or 2nd? Keeping in mind we helped form the current Iraqi government.