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Obama's Ex-Secret Service Agent: It's Not Gun Control... Its People Control

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Hes well spoken and right on

Hes well spoken and right on point here.

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As a damned cowardly liberal lefty brit ..

.. it's my instinct to go along with gun "control" ..

... HOWEVER ...

It's obvious that there's a different agenda to the one being presented.

If this was just about the the danger of weapons, then there would be a plan to disarm *all* organisations as well as the public. Planning to disarm only the public is really a plan to intensify the transfer of power from the people to the center of authority. That would make as much sense as total international nuclear disarmament except for Israel.

So, as a damned cowardly liberal lefty brit, i suggest no disarmament unless plans are in place to disarm all organisations (including police, etc) too. Any reasons put forth why any organisation should be exempt from disarming is a reason why the public shouldn't disarm.

debunked by duff

apparently the vets admin has and will always have the ability to deem vets incompetent. WHY IS FOX NEWS PUSHING THIS GARBAGE OUT THERE.

there is clearly a right wing agenda out there to get the vets shaking in their boots for some reason.

gordon duff exposed it yesterday and now you see fox news pushing right wing propaganda hardcore


"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


Bump! Thanks for the post

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Too bad it was on FOX news.

Preaching to the choir. Rest of the people will dismiss it once they see where it came from.

Hope this guy doesn't "disappear" soon

Suicide... heart attack.. accidental fall off a hotel balcony... that guy has some balls of steel.


Is no friend of Liberty. I had the grand opportunity to witness his classic meltdown at the Maryland Liberty PAC meeting this past November at the State Republican Convention arguing against non-intervention. To be expected from a hired GOP gun after his miserable failed Senate campaign

Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water!!!!!

Even if he is or was no friend of liberty, everything he said in this video clip is absolutely true...

Tom Mullen's picture

13 seconds in, he says something not true

"My uncle, shot in the back in Viet Nam, protecting your very right..."

His uncle may have been shot in the back in Viet Nam, but he was not protecting any of my rights. There is no cause and effect relationship between my rights or my ability to exercise them and the U.S. invasion of Viet Nam.

So, 13 seconds in and he's already said something that is completely false, and without even listening to the rest I'd wager that a large part of his political platform rests upon this error.

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3 minutes in he's back on it

"This man gave life and limb protecting our civil liberties."

No, wrong again. We would not have less "civil liberty" if the US government hadn't invaded Iraq. In fact, there is a good argument to be made that we'd have more liberty if the US government hadn't invaded Iraq.

The wounded man may have believed he was defending freedom, as I think most military people do. But it's not true, not matter how many pundits and grassroots activists say it.

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I should say that

I believe that Bongino believes what he is saying is true and his intention here to defend the right to bear arms is genuine. But his conception of human rights is poisoned with this idea that US military interventions are defending it, which leads him to all sorts of other wrong conclusions on other issues. He's certainly not alone.

Doesn't mean we shouldn't

Doesn't mean we shouldn't accept him as an ally and a friend. If he can help us thwart these efforts on gun control then I fully support him on that issue. Most of our conceptions about the role of US military interventions used to be "poisoned" as well, including mine. Can't knock the man for something he may not fully understand yet.


I'm sure he just didn't have his bottle that night. We all have those moments

Bongino sounds like a good man.

He was indorsed by Mike Lee, Utah, in the Maryland senate race, but lost. He is a good speaker. I like his idea that we should counter with it's not "gun" control it's "people" control.

Logic 101

I'm only saying this because the comment above you provides evidence that he is NOT a good man, but take a look at your logic:

Claim: "Sounds like a good man."


1) He was endorsed by Mike Lee
How is this proof in any way that he is a good man? Does Mike Lee deserve blind allegiance? Even Ron Paul doesn't get that.

2) He is a good speaker
They said the same thing about Obama...and Hitler. So how does that mean he is a good person?

3) He says we should call it "people" control, not "gun" control.
Karl Rove comes up with clever wordplay too, does that make him a good candidate?

Sorry, but your whole argument gets a FAIL.

Am I not entitled to my opinion?

I even couched it with he "sounds" like a good man. If the comment is above mine, then that means it came after mine and I did not have the benefit of reading it. Let's look at your evidence. If you are refering to the comment about a "meltdown" I would like to know the facts about that as I have no first hand knowledge. Do you? Are you refering to him thinking his uncle was a hero in Vietnam? The soliders and the public were brainwashed and lied to to justify war. Vietnam is a deep, ugly scar for the U.S. and everyone involved. If it helps him deal with the loss of a loved one, then he is entitled to his opinion.

1. I think well of Mike Lee and respect his opinion. I also did a limited google search to get more information. I found him closer to our point of view than the democrat he ran against.

2. I believe we need more people that can articulate our positions. I thought he did a good job of getting his point of view across.

3. Putting a little twist on a message can get people's attention. Obviously it worked as he was worthy of a DP post and has received some other media attention.

I come to the DP to exchange ideas and to learn in a friendly manner. I happened to like what he said and the way he said it.


He makes good connections by exposing the truth.

Control of people

Control of wealth and finance

Control of energy

Control of food

Control of information

Control of medicine

No matter where you look in history at enslaved societies.. control is always reoccurring theme #1


They can't disarm every single American at once.

They can't contaminate/poison all of the food at once.

They can't contaminate/poison all of the vaccines at once.

They can't do any thing all at once. Or there will be one massive outcry and Americans standing up.

So, a little here, a little there, the tv folks empathize to the dems, to the repubs, until it all adds up.

We keep working/hoping election after election, until A21's numbers are in-line to the goal.

Simple, don't you think? WE just do it to ourselves, WE just allow it to happen.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

this exactly and why we need to disconnect

we can keep trying to fight within the manipulated system, or we can remove its power. stop voting, stop paying taxes, stop being a 14th amendment citizen


redeem lawful money



with our oil production improving and china's announcement who knows how long they can keep the system afloat.