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US Training of Mexican Troops Has Escalated in Step With Mexico’s Murder Rate

OP: Didn't I hear someone in DC say that if the sequester goes through the government will no longer be able to afford to train new military personnel??? Well, as if anyone believed that lie in the first place...they could ALWAYS cut spending on new dones or any of a thousand other areas that have nothing to do with DEFENSE but setting that aside...maybe if we didn't train OTHER countries forces we could afford to train our own.

US training of Mexican military forces spiked in fiscal years 2010 and 2011, coinciding with a sharp rise in drug-war homicides in Mexico, an analysis of records made public under the Foreign Assistance Act show.

The training in those two years, funded by the US Department of Defense, and to a lesser extent by the US Department of State, covered a wide range of military skill sets and involved hundreds of training programs offered in the US to Mexican forces as well as dozens (at least 60) provided inside Mexico.

For example, in Mexico City during that two-year period, the US military provided to Mexican security forces training in, among other tactics, “asymmetrical conflict,” “anti-terrorism,” and “open-source intelligence” gathering. US military training also was provided in other parts of Mexico, including the state of Campeche, where infantry, marksmanship and intelligence programs were offered to Mexican troops; and in Chiapas, in fiscal 2011, infantry training was provided to Mexican Marines over two-week periods in April and September.


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