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Is It Time To Start Sharecropping Again?

My life has come pretty much full circle from originally finding out about my slavery. I have a standing offer from an old friend to work 2 acres of his land for free and set up an arrangement to where I'll get the two acres debt-free after a certain amount of time.

It's not slavery. It's a freely made agreement between the owner of some land and someone who has no land. I'm not opposed to it... and have basically left that option for when I choose to retire.

We really do need a revolution of getting the masses to grow their own food. I loved watching the plans for the hydroponic rain tower system a fellow DPer put up... I think that is amazingly simple... and will be HUGE - I've told quite a few people about that already.

As another fellow DPer nailed it in a recent comment the answer is to secure your food, clothing, water and shelter without using "money" so gardening really is critical. To not be working to secure a source of food for one's family in this day and age is quite irresponsible is it not? In that equation - "money" that everyone agrees on is certainly NOT a guarantee.

Take myself for example. Am I REQUIRED to accept these pieces of paper for my valuable considerations? (Pretty sure the law says I'm still not as a private human being....) for the most part I try to completely avoid them... I'm getting close to completely BANNING the Federal Reserve System from my life. Is that UNLAWFUL? Any FED monitoring the Daily Paul is welcome to chime in... for the record I'm presuming it's still lawful...

So that's it basically I wanted to put this option out there for people that are really sick of the 9-5 grind... even those who are a bit more well off then the rest of us. Do you know someone in your immediate circle of interest who has a bunch of acres of land somewhere and wouldn't mind cutting a deal with you? Can a few acres of land be shaved off of what he has already? Can it be lucrative for everyone?

That is also a great way to bring your entire family with you on your exit from the "food grid."

Then you sell your home and current property for whatever you can get for it... buy sugar, flour, grain, salt, coffee, etc...

They can outlaw gold but they can't outlaw food... but wait-a-minute now they are actually trying to outlaw people naturally procuring their own food... they are so telegraphing the fact that they do not want to let the slaves off of the plantation... sorry for the ramble, but you get the point:

Divorcing yourself from the matrix is actually pretty simple.

Are you ready to do it?

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