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Have you made any friends here on the Daily Paul?

I consider all of us here friends. But have you made any real friends? I mean, someone that you've emailed with outside the DP? Or beyond that, spoken with on the telephone, or skyped with? Or even beyond that, met up with in the physical world?

I have often wondered about that. The DP is its own online ecosystem, but I wonder how far that ecosystem extends into the physical world?

If you haven't made any real friends here, you should try it. You can contact other members by clicking on their username, and hitting the "contact" tab (if they have it activated) and sending them a note.

Curious to hear your experiences, if you would like to share.

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Yes to all questions

a few have also e-mailed me. I try to e-mail back promptly, but right now my e-mail is rather full from family photos. Met up with another DPer a few hours away, instant personal friend! This definitely proved to me Dpers are the cream of the crop! We still e-mail, call, and drop in with gift or a simple visit. Haven't had the privilege of personally meeting up with everyone I'd like to yet, but hope to before we all get sent to 'fusion Centers' or liberty is fully restored.

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Met people, yes

Friends, no. But if anyone is in the Princeton NJ area and reading this thread, hit me up.

How do you call someone like that merely "friend?"


What a FUN WEEKEND! And what a blessing - someone you have "never met" and yet you know instantly that you can talk about anything at all, and never once get handed a tin foil hat. For those afraid to take a chance on your fellow dailypaulers, you are missing out on the best people on earth in your real world!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Three of my favorite people!!

Liberty friends are the BEST---even if you seldom can visit them in person.

There's plenty of room in that hot spring

for you and the toadman! (And any other liberty lovers looking for a moment to chillax!)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

love it, fc!

Big fun, and yes, so much more!


"Telepathic" and I met last evening on the Greek island of Crete

For the first time, "Telepathic" and I met last evening on the Greek island of Crete.

At dinner we toasted Michael Nystrom and the DP for bringing us and our friends together. We had promised to do so and to follow up with a report of the encounter during an exchange of messages in an OP by Nystrom last month.

Here is that link:


"Telepathic" is a extraordinary man. He is charming, talented, accomplished, insightful and fun-loving. We were both somewhat amazed to understand that our paths, trailing from such different parts of the world, have now crossed on our new home-fronts in Crete thanks to our commentaries on the Daily Paul.

The afternoon and evening flew by much too fast. I am pleased to know that we live only about 30 minutes away from each other and that we should be able to follow up on many topics, deepening the dialogue through more face-to-face conversations soon.

Daily Paul Meeting in Crete!

Indeed we (Sydpotter, few of our friends and myself) met few days ago in the beautiful island of Crete having drinks in the name of M. Nystrom and the Daily Paul. It was great to meet Sydpotter finally as this plan has been on the process for a quite awhile. Hopefully now that the first meeting has happened we will meet many more times as it was a lot of fun and I see a good prospect for many good things to grow through our future dialogues. I am very happy that we met.

"Sydpotter" is a true liberty-lover with a warm heart, a good sense of humor and an open mind. Exactly a person that a telepathic fool like myself likes to talk with.

p.s. tell warm regards to all your donkeys, goats and dogs!

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

I'm happy to see you here again, my friend

I'm not sure that Michael Nystrom has noticed that we have finally met and fulfilled our promise to him have a DP toast and to check back with some details for the record.

In the meantime, I have hugged the donkeys, goats (not all of them) and the dogs and gave them your regards. I am not sure they understood, but love is always the best medicine, regardless.


The one and only Jefferson.


not a one.




Thank you so much! I appreciate all of my friendships here. The opportunity to speak and vet ideas, share in the news, and find Liberty education means alot to me.

I keep most of my talking here tho. I hate email, and I am leary of people's motives since, after all, on the internet for all you know you could be talking to a dog.


Lots of other dogs here for me to play with!

The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

Nice to meet you Diamond Dog!

I like cats too :)




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There are a ton of people here that I would love to hang out with in the real world. The sound junkies make me smile every day/night. I like to laugh and there are some people over there who crack me up on a regular basis. I have also met a travel partner here, so far it looks like Siberia and Bhutan are in the itinerary... we have not emailed or anything yet and we should probably get on top of that.

I'm a pretty friendly person and I bet in the real world I could get along with almost anyone here (well, except for that one guy... I think he might be a fed and he thinks I might be a fed so it would never work). However, the whole idea of meeting people from the internet is kind of intimidating.It would take a lot for me to trust random internet person enough to meet them in the real world, however if it was going to happen I could see it happening with people from this site because I think most people here are good people.

That being said I left you a shout out in the jam session Michael :)

Michael Nystrom's picture

It is always good to be cautious

Thanks for the note! I saw it, and left you one back.


Unfortunately not.



Not Lately

People here like eating horses or so they say and it's starting to freak me out.



Horse meat??? Whats that all about?

Have you made any friends here on the Daily Paul?


{..blinks back tears, pouts ..}

its beatiful in its own way, or maybe im just weird

Video is about a dog waiting for his best friend to come home..........he never does
That feeling is what i share with those of you i never meet


Apologies for the sappy post :)

Poor, poor little puppy

I sure am glad the pizza guy fed you, even if they did chop your tree down!

Damn gomez!

You just broke my heart with that cartoon.

It means that you care, and

It means that you care, and i love ya for it..........this, they never take away

I'd like to become friends

I'd like to become friends with more liberty minded folk, as the one's I have met thus far are the best. Now that the election is over, maybe it is time to step it up a notch and keep networking. I myself would like to consider moving to Arizona or the Southwest for some health reasons, just having a tough time convincing myself to just go, but I would like to work with other liberty minded people. Perhaps others know of opportunities in economic liberty (or economic development) in the southwest area? California just seems out of the question given their political situation. No I have some health problems and am trying to get back on the roles of healthcare and I want to work and want to earn it. Should be easy right? Been laid off since December. Besides that, I enjoy rock hounding, gold panning, home brewing. I would like to find others with similar interests and walk the walk and talk the talk. I am divorced. Long story short, I want to keep moving towards independence. Could use some help along the way and want to return the favor too.

Be Your Own Media!!!

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