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YAL this weekend?

Anybody going to the YAL convention in DFW (Arlington) this weekend, March 2nd?


Please note: at 10:45 am Rand is going to Skype into the convention. Jack Hunter is speaking, Ken Emanuelson, and others...

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Do they allow....

Old Americans for Liberty?? OAL

(Today I learned what a Geospatial Scientist is.)

They should...

I'm sure you can purchase a ticket for $10, it would behoove them to let all attend who're interested. What I'd fear is that the "narrative" of the speeches is targeted to a younger audience, likely things you already know ;)

Edward.King@yaliberty.com <--- he is the director of programs and operations. If you're interested, I'd write to him. They are all very laid back and welcoming.

(Geospatial science is amazing! I'm a fledgling in comparison to the extent of things it has the potential to do....so cool..I highly recommend as a career path.)

Thanks TheBrushFire,

but I have a commitment that I can't miss & I was thinking it was in Arlington, Va. Arlington, TX is a long haul for me.
I'm hoping you can post some videos.