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Fixed Video Link - Morgan Freeman Should be Permanently Forbidden from Joining the Liberty Movement etc.

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Let's also ban

everyone who wears pink shoes...

Nobody wants to ban you for that Vince

as long as your panties match.. No fashion faux pas allowed!

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Exactly. Pink is almost like red

and that means they're communists. They're out.

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Chill out - he's only an actor.

Surely I am jesting by saying anyone should be excluded from liberty just because they may have been delusional in the past or future.

We have the power of the currently recognized crazies behind and before us! Let us now harness the crazy within us!!!

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Just what I thought

you're teasing me. I made that LF thread to make a point to you about your "any black folks here, please tell us why you like Ron Paul" thread. I hope you've been reading it. I think this post is to tell me that you have...

I've admired Louis Farrakhan for a long while.

Of course there are things he says I don't agree with but he says things I DO agree with and that's what matters to me. I have friends who may say or do things I don't like and I will tell them how I feel about it, just once usually, and leave it at that. One friend of mine loves Ron Paul but is convinced that communism would be great! I told him that I forgive him for that because he clearly has no idea what he's talking about. He's also an atheist but I've had my most spiritually deep conversations with him. He's my friend warts and all.

No, I don't make posts like these to tease or be a muck-raker. I post them to try to break through peoples' conscious filters and hopefully get them thinking about things from a perspective other than their own. The recent post of a video by the young lady trying to explain away accusations that Obama is not a fascist or socialist, or both which she somehow thinks isn't possible, ticked me quite off, not for what she said, but more for how people on DP reacted to it.

Rather than commenting there with a rebuke to those who judge 'people like her' so harshly, I posted this thread instead. Sure Mr. Freeman has some views I don't agree with and it would be easy to write him off as 'misguided', but after listening to him speak about his past and upbringing it is harder to do that. Maybe instead of being misguided he instead is just a product of his upbringing and his experiences in life. Maybe he's a libertarian and just doesn't know it yet!

I don't like labels, I don't care for presuppositions, and I don't like hypocrisy other than when it can be used to expose hypocrisy.

Please down-vote this thread. I did.

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just a product of his upbringing and his experiences in life

great post ((((chris))))) I'm not down voting anything. I like your style.



thanks for asking.

Fine, I will.

Following this website for many years, posting on it for nearly one, I've not seen as much of this as I've seen very lately, the shooting down of people - big name people - who could be important to liberty but who in the past have some problems.

It's kind of like if a Christian church were to say to someone 'you're not allowed in here because we have it on record that you used to be a massive sinner'.

Or maybe they still are a sinner - who knows?

We need to have open arms and welcome anyone into our fold regardless of their history.


Even Glenn Beck. Even Morgan Freeman. Even Saul of Tarsus.

I guess that was my point with this post I don't know.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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But he always plays those ultra wise and calm

characters. He even played God in the Noah flood movie.

He must be a Great actor.