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Video - The Drone in the Room: Maddow Pounds Robert Gibbs On White House Refusing To Answer Legal Question About Drone Use


It seems to me that the conversation that is being "sold" is that Drone use should be transparent with substantial oversight and NOT that it's a crime against humanity. PERIOD.

Very clever psyop to be "leaking" the memo, which "lifts the veil" (notice how that's a new buzz phrase now being attributed to Drone use transparency?).

It is quite shocking to see the blatant denial and refusal to discuss these matters but I have seen and learned too much to know that all these "revelations" are very carefully executed. The government has highly sophisticated psychologists on staff that know exactly what info to "leak" and how to drive the conversation AWAY from Drone use legitimacy in the first place to now talking about Drone use being more transparent.

Clever. But not for those awake and seeing the World with new eyes.

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Just opened up

my new National Geographic and there is a lengthy article about drones. The title of the article is "the drones come home". I particularly like the article equating the hunting of al Queda to spying on civilians on US soil.

There is development going on where the drone is designed to look like a humming bird, traveling in swarms to dupe the populace.

Hummingbirds are restricted in distribution to the New World - so this is not technology to get the bad people in the Middle East but rather the bad people in North America.

Isn't that cute?

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What did that solve?

What did that solve? Seriously. A Former Press Secretary and an interview that solves nothing.....

This show like many others on MSM are just arms of the beurocracy. Set up to make the government look important and to explain policy.

Policy, policy, policy, policy... How many times does Rachel say that word??? Her job is to get people to believe someone is actually watching these bastards, but in reality she's on their team helping to explain policy--good or bad--and to give the illusion that the beurocracy is needed.

Pathetic people buy into this stuff....

Strong Start...but weak finish

Rachel started out very strong with this segment, but then finished-up weak.

She never challenged Robert Gibbs on his assertion that Drones are applied and used to kill "Terrorists".

The horrifying reality is that all these Drones have been slaughtering totally innocent Civilians -- including women, little children, boys, residential homes, etc.

It was good to see her press Gibbs about why there isn't any transparency about the Law and legal justification. But there was no challenge about the complete immorality of the whole program -- which is killing random human beings and people never guilty of anything whatsoever.

So close.....but no finish...

Damage control & a plug for Brennan IMHO


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Gibbs is still sticking to a script

He too is shifting the conversation to Drone Transparency not Drone Legitimacy. They just act as if the public's concern is one of oversight by some agency or another. It's misdirection with simultaneous perceived acceptance of the program.

I may be reading too much into it. Maybe Rob's a cool guy...

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Thank you for the Front Page placement!

I think that this video was worth sharing not to elaborate or really reveal what is already known so far about Drone use, but rather it was an important observation to make of just how much attempted secrecy there is even when there is 100% evidence of such programs. It's more of an observation of fear in these people to discuss what they have been ordered to be silent about. Consider it another lesson in "Spotting Psychopaths 101".

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Power structure

“...there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” --supposedly a quote from Woodrow Wilson.

This is why I believe these folks we see 'from the podium' are all figureheads, and they most certainly know their place. If they weren't merely 'installed,' they'd be doing more than deflecting and speaking under their breath; they'd be shouting from the rooftop what the hell was really going on. The Fed, the CIA, the NSA and the like are the gatekeepers for the global PTB. And the US gov't is nothing more than a corporate entity who works to economically enslave all us little worker bees. They don't need our tax dollars to pay the bills. It's a scam. The only reason they need to extort the people is to control the amount of purchasing power we have to acquire goods of actual value. We are coerced into the managed marketplace b/c the Fed has a monopoly on the medium of exchange. We can only buy and sell so much with a manipulated currency. While we're out trying to bring home the bacon, the rulers are out buying up all the hogs. And passing laws. And harassing citizens. And starting wars. And on and on and on. And the average Joe is oblivious. Just the way they like it.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

I like Rachel, despite what many here think of her

I disagree with her on many fronts. However, she is not as bad as the other idiots. She has been reporting the drones and wars long before obama was re-elected and certainly before the rest of the liberal media. No she was not the first, but she certainly was trying to have a discussion about war before obama was re-elected. Everyone that was paying attention to the last RP campaign knows she reached out on the anti war front. She was one of the few outlets that gave the RP campaign some decent, honest coverage. She should be respected even though we have disagreements. Our grievances with her are philosophical, not with honesty or integrity. She is the kind of person we want to be having a debate with as she is one of the more reasonable representatives from that side of the political spectrum. As Dr Paul advocates, we should focus on the the things we agree on.

Well stated and I totally agree!

What you have stated about Rachel is well stated. I cannot elaborate any better and could not agree more. I do think as more and more things come to light that are not very attractive for the left to acknowledge, Rachel will be on the forefront of reporting-good reporting. Then.....watch her be removed from her spot on television. She will only be allowed to nibble at the margins. They will never let her actually get to the meat of things. Sad but true.

Waste of Time

Waste of time listening to this as nothing was really said that was concrete. Nothing about drones being used against US Citizens or anything else of that matter.

"The government has highly sophisticated psychologists"

Oh yeah. The entire Beltway is run by them now.

All campaigns are designed with consultation by intelligence agencies, thinktanks, and (another buzzword) Perception Management.

It's not psychological manipulation of the public by devious psychologists and mentalists.

It's only perception management. 'We're just managing your perception a bit. Making sure you get the right impression'

That government in DC is not randomly murdering innocent people and kids around the world at a whim, using remote control airplanes with no accountability


We're just looking at it all the wrong way.


Did somebody downvote that because:

A) You don't believe what I said is true

B) You are working in PMI (Perception Management Industry), or

C) Your sarcasm meter is defective


Pick one

D) I didn't downvote

D) I didn't downvote

Nor did I read, twas too long my friend and my ADD kicked in. But I did give you an upvote to help your plight

She is so completely annoying

She is so completely annoying though I am glad she covered this issue albeit in a lighthearted manner. Not sure how she could conclude that the benefits of the drone program are not the controversial part but rather its oversight and secrecy. Uh, there are many critics who question the benefits of the drone program and believe it is highly controversial.

She herself said that the drone's aftermath may make many more enemies...wouldn't that indicate it as highly controversial? She let him off way too easy, but at least the issue is getting some coverage though it appears to be part of the white washing and plan to get us used to our new friendly and useful pet drones safeguarding us in our skies.

Blah, blah, blah!

Not a single word of the collateral damage of these strikes killing innocents, killing al-Awlaki's son, possibility of using drones in US to kill US citizen, etc. And why to choose McCain instead of Rand Paul; well of course because then you don't have to discuss anything of real substance.

And Maddow's finally comment of this clip was very telling as she said: "I think that we are in an incredibly tense moment as John Brennar and president Obama have made GREAT argument for lifting that veil and everybody's waiting what's that gonna be like."

Like she is as anxious and excited of this topic as some moronic school girl would be about who's gonna be the next American Idol. "Yippee! Soon we are gonna know!"

As George Carlin said: "“It's all BS, folks and it's bad for ya.”

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

In the Future

A patriot will be able to hack into drones.And destroy all liberal,progressive commies.His name will be John Conner

Money talks and dogs bark

I think this is might as well

I think this might as well be what is going on:


I agree with other comments.

During election time it was all, "Oh, the GOP wants to take away your reproductive rights...oh, the GOP wants to take away health care...blah, blah, blah."

(Same scare tactics she hates about the right using with its people, she does on the left.)

Now that Obama is securely elected, then we can focus for a short time on the things that seems wrong, hold in the far left, and bingo...everything is honkey dorey all over again.

When I saw 16 minutes on the counter I knew

I couldn't stand listening to it for that long. She's a commie hack.

Maddow is so BS

Liberty folks have been talking about these very issues for MANY years. Now AFTER Obama is re-elected does he want to "do things right"... AFTER he is re-elected do they want to ask these MANY YEARS OLD QUESTIONS.

Of course we coudln't have silly things like the truth dividing the democrat base now could we...

I Agree with the OP

Its a type of conditioning. TPTB think if they create some secret committe that "oversees" the extra-judicial murders...that the American people will feel as if they have "reigned in" the administration. The fact is, the administration, the CIA, and virtually every other official currently connected with the US Government have become nothing less than organized criminals that use murder and brute force to do anything they feel like doing. I don't think it will be too long before we reach a "Truth" tipping point and the masses will begin to throw themselves on the gears of the monstrous killing machine to bring it to a halt. There are a buch of evil people that have usrped the power centers of our once great nation...but there are a lot of red blooded Americans that will not stand for this much longer. Live Free or Die, Don't Tread on Me, etc. These Colors don't run.

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