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Murray Rothbard on John Bolton and Ann Coulter

In recent years, libertarian ideas have infiltrated previously inaccessible forums, especially mainstream cable talk shows, with an increasing frequency. (Remember Freedom Watch? Bring back Judge Nap!) This reality has presented an opportunity for the ideals of liberty to reach new audiences. This increase in popularity has made liberty more visible, but has given those that side with the State the platform to challenge libertarian philosophy.

An invitation into the mainstream discussion is a welcome change for liberty lovers across the globe. It should not come as a surprise that many in the establishment are slow to grant libertarians respect. In the past few days, attempts to discredit libertarians have been presented in an undeniably hostile manner. The arguments delivered by the usual mouthpieces for government intervention at home and abroad have been vicious and immature. This has left many in the liberty movement feeling violated and itching to punch back.

During John Stossel’s Fox Business show, guests Ann Coulter and John Bolton aggressively attacked libertarian positions that promote drug legalization and a foreign policy of non-intervention. For this annual show, Stossel invited guests friendly to the cause of liberty and some that disagree vehemently with certain aspects of libertarian philosophy. This year’s episodes, which were taped in front of over 1,000 liberty loving students, featured fireworks from Coulter and Bolton that sent waves throughout the political community.

Ann Coulter appeared on Stossel’s Thursday night show and did not attempt to camouflage her opinion regarding the stance libertarians take towards illegal drugs. A summary of the interview can be found at mediaite.com. When Coulter was questioned regarding legalizing drugs she responds by saying, “This is why I think libertarians are pussies.” Then Coulter proceeds to explain:Continue Reading

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I'm not sure I get the Murray

I'm not sure I get the Murray Rothbard reference in this post here. If the implication is that Stossel is somehow a "Rothbardian" libertarian I think that's pretty off the mark. Stossel's more of a CATO institute "libertarian."

Yes, I know that Rothbard was one of the founding members of CATO but he subsequently broke ties with them as they softened their positions to gain favor in DC circles. Rothbard is as pure a libertarian as there ever was. A brilliant and entertaining speaker. Stossel's probably the most libertarian guy on TV, but he's no Rothbardian.

Ah but you see

True principle can be applied to anyone and any situation. Rothbards message carries through.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I think

you are over thinking the Rothbard, Stossel link in the post. Stossel was only used because his recent shows presented a good example of arguments libertarians receive from beltarians and neoconservatives. Both of these group support the State intervening in different aspects of an individual's life. Rothbard was used, because this video, provides good direction on not getting caught up in the opionions of those that don't hate the state. In order to spread liberty, focus on converting those that already have a healthy hatred of the state. Bottom line: Don't worry about what Bolton and Coulter say, we aren't trying to influence them, they are lost causes.

Coulter's faulty argument

Coulter argues that the drug war should continue because we have welfare. The government forces her to subsidize pot heads, therefore keeping drugs illegal will minimize the amount of money that goes to people who wind up staying home smoking pot instead of getting a job and getting off welfare.

The problem with this argument is that she doesn't take into account the amount of money spent on the drug war. The drug war is welfare for the feds.

She will wind up paying more in tax money to the fed's drug war than on people who receive welfare because of drug use.

She's an idiot. Can't she do

She's an idiot. Can't she do the math. We've tried her little simplistic solution for many decades and it is an obvious disaster. Too bad some of these very reasonable libertarian thinkers didn't get to press her with follow up questions.

The answer is to have drones drop Coulter and Bolton into places like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, or in drug infested urban areas and see them implement their policies to good effect without government force. Let's see how far these 'p*ssies' get with their rationale.

good points

Coulter also is wrong to believe that government force can change behavior and does not understand the unintended consequences associated with state intevention.