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Rand Paul on Hannity last night (video)

Live in-studio interview. The establishment is clearly more receptive to Rand than they were to Ron at this point.


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Good Job Rand

Good Job Rand

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


The GOP is a statist party and does not work to secure individual liberty. Rand Paul terms himself as a Libertarian-Republican, or a Constitutional-Conservative, which equates to a 'lite-statist'.

He confirms this in his comments with Hanniturd.

Take what he says on the 'drug war'. He claims that the federal government has the 'prerogative' (the just authority) to 'tell you' it is not good, but that 'the state' should be more 'lenient' if you act as an individual and choose not to follow 'the state's' laws prohibiting your free choice, meaning some other 'state sanction' than hard prison time.

Statist-Lite, just as the GOP is statist. Some who are cast as the savior or the solution for Liberty, are merely an establishment acceptable (marginally or tepidly) 'lite' version of the larger entity and the over-riding philosophy and ethic that drives it.

Flame on.

Flame on?

You're so far off the beaten path that there's no need to nor would it do any good. Obscurityland is a good place for ya. I used to attend the LP meeting circle jerks for like a decade and I'm sick of it. Rand is a pro at pushing the liberty message and getting more people on board.

Oh My!

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Cool story bro

I'd still vote for Rand though


Not a Story...

...it is his stated position and the reality of the GOP.

As to voting for him, knock yourself out. You are a part of a much larger herd, so rest easy in that knowledge.

I will stay focused and continue to assess and call things as they present.

Your mileage must vary.

Clearly you take pride in

Clearly you take pride in your extreme fringe status and want to stay there and make sure the only company you have is yourself. Sad. Despite his voting record and everything he's doing to retool the liberty message for popular consumption, I bet you've never had one nice thing to say about him. #hater

Oh My, Again!

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

What about what I posted do you factually disagree with?

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My "establishment" GOP parents LOVE Rand.

My Fox-watching parents, who have voted a straight GOP ticket their whole lives, both think Ron is a nutcase but they love his son and will vote for him in a heartbeat in 2016.

That is the entire point of what Rand is doing.

He doesn't go on TV to reach out to Ron Paul voters...because he knows he can't win with just us. He needs a big chunk of traditional GOP voters like my folks to have a snowball's chance in hell of beating Hillary.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

I'm willing to bet

that when Rand gets into office, he has his dad on speed dial. That is exactly what we need.


I agree 100% - To many on DP, they see Rand as a traitor or a compromiser.. I agree with both sides but think that his plan is to lean GOP republicans toward liberty minded beliefs. This is a MUST to help save this country. All of my extended republican family like Rand and giggled about Ron. Once mainstream republicans open their eyes to TRUE liberty beliefs, they will be unable to revert. The only thing that scares me is that the GOP HAS TO know this.. Their overall plan most likely not to the tune of ours. I'm not sure what puppet story they are playing with Rand

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Weird, isn't it?

Whatever, I'm a fan of Rand Paul and it would be fun to have the guy I'm rooting for not have to fight so much media flak every second.

he can't win without us

romney is the proof, and until he changes his foreign policy he will get only a segment. it's curious because the majority of the people want wars to stop. a good candidate speaks across the board. a peace candidate.

We can't win without him and

We can't win without him and them. And who better to pull both factions of the Republican Party together than someone like Rand?

first you need an honest counting process

which the status quo will not allow, and no MSM instructing people who to vote for which is not going to happen.

what to do?

spread the libertarian message of ron paul far and wide: no empire. no wars. sound money. no FED. restore all civil liberties. never give up. never stop. never sellout principles.

Right...but first you have to

Right...but first you have to appeal to the base. Since dad was seen as a nut job than perhaps a different approach.

the MSM & GOP & the establishment

sold him as a nut job.

An they will do the same to

An they will do the same to his son if he doesn't play his cards right.

care to


Not really.

Not really.

He may be able to

Look at Iowa.

He can win 60% of the 20% Ron Paul won, because of his liberty message.

He can win 25% of the 24% Santorum won, because many were simply not satisfied with Ron Paul's classical liberalism on social issues, but can swallow Rand's similar but not as radical position.

He can win 33% of the 24% Romney won, because the people who voted for Romney because he was the frontrunner with the message they thought could win.

All together, Rand has a minimum of 26% of the vote in a similar field.

If the horse race is really about 3 ways by then, Christie, Rubio, Paul, then I think the Iowa breakdown would be;

Christie - 20%
Rubio - 24%
Paul - 30%

When you come to NH, it may look like this
Christie - 30%
Rubio - 20%
Paul - 40%

By the time South Carolina chimes in?
Christie - 10%
Rubio - 35%
Paul - 40%

I think Rand Paul will win, unless Jim DeMint runs.

The phenomenon you cite with your parents...

...of them thinking Ron a nutcase while loving Rand, is remarkably common.

I see it all around me. But I don't get it.

I'm gonna post the question in a new thread.


like neocons. Sean likes Rand. Sean doesn't like Ron. I'm not neocon.

AD in NV

If you think Rand is a neocon...

...then you're not paying attention.

Neocons don't call for an audit of the pentagon. They don't state that "perhaps we shouldn't be in every war". They don't call for cuts in military spending. They don't call for cuts in foreign aid, particularly when such aid is tied to weapons purchases. They don't question the use of drones. They don't rail against the Patriot Act and the NDAA and the TSA. They don't criticize the War on Drugs.

Rand consistently does those things. He ain't no neocon.

Why is the media establishment, at this point, treating Rand differently than Ron? That's the question, and I don't have a good answer.

But I wonder if it has something to do with the Libertarian Party's record showing in '12. I wonder if they're increasingly scared of losing the libertarian faction that remains in the RP.

I think he did just say,

"Those F-16s could even later come back to hurt..."...wait for it......."Israel."

That is a neocon in my book.

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Rand is more concerned about

Rand is more concerned about the misuse of weapons and the US paying for them. I think is throws in Israel's safety whenever he can to satisfy the neo-cons. Pretty smart.

He has voted for the appropriations though.

Is that not a misuse of weapons? At least $650 billion worth that I can find off hand. That's a lot of weapons for a Country that has not been attacked in at least 60 years. And I am giving you the benefit of the doubt on Pearl Harbor being that the USGovt. had unduly imposed crippling economic sanctions as a provocation and most likely knew it was coming. 9-11, let's not get into that debate, but briefly, we know that the people of Afghanistan were certainly not responsible for it.

Rand walks a thin line with

Rand walks a thin line with how he reacts to Israel. Lets focus on more of what he does than what he says, ok?

You go for it.

My focusing on what people say has gotten me quite far.

not full blown but

kissing up, a neocon lite. that could change either way i guess in 4 years.
i believe he's only concerned with drones killing yanks on US soil. i've NEVER heard him bemoan the killing of innocent civilians abroad. he is for sanctions. he still wants the TSA regulated, not abolished. etc.

"I think people want a party thats a LITTLE less aggressive"
-rand paul

that's like saying: the bully in the schoolyard should be a LITTLE less aggressive.

ron said he probably would vote for hagel.

rand stands with the worst neocons on hagel.