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Goldman Sachs Says Gold is done as Gold spikes $35 in two hours of trade

Gold’s Cycle Seen Turned by Goldman Sachs as ETP Holdings Drop

Gold spikes $35/0z in less than two hours.

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Weights and measures

Goldman Sachs also said the economy and markets are recovering - regardless of gold.

That's the thing:

everything is relative for some, and allows them...

... to have THEIR OWN weights and measures.


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there's always conspiracy about forecasts like these

that they purposely make the wrong calls and buy on dip.. but it doesn't make sense when you realize one can only be wrong so many times before it hurts analyst credibility, then it occurred to me perhaps it's possible goldman somehow has a large short position they have to cover and the position might be so large that it risks survival of the institution itself and therefore the credibility is worth risking

and of course they can just plain suck, having made all their money through the 3 year old can do it 80s stock boom.

me thinks GS is covering shorts

and wanting to buy physical. How best to do that? Make a statement that some dupes will believe to sell their gold.

Soros selling his ETF gold shares. HA HA HA. So transparent. He sold worthless paper since anyone paying attention knows the ETFs don't have the gold they say they do.

GS is BS!

Yep, GSers are the masters of

Yep, GSers are the masters of manipulation.

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exactly... mouth it down and

exactly... mouth it down and cover.

The Chart That Tells You All You Need To Know About Gold

“Eric, to my knowledge this is the only chart in existence that tells us when the next high and the next low for gold will occur. The turning points in the squares at the top of this chart are a golden gift from Mother Nature. I call them LTD’s. They are turning points specifically for gold bullion. Since this bull market in gold began a new high has occurred at every number [4] high and every grouped numbers [1] [2].


Gold is currently bottoming at LTD #3. The next high will occur at LTD #4. These turning points are not influenced by the Federal Reserve or any government activity. They do not care about who is buying or selling or how much they are buying or selling."

From the blog:

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Until proven otherwise, bankers are liars.

These people are worse than the stereotyped lawyers.

On the contrary, Goldman Sachs is done.

They just don't know it yet.