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Web help wanted in Houston

Web help creating a site not unlike Rawstory.com, but not run by fool progressives, and activistpost.com and infowars.com, but not nearly as paranoid. LRC too, but more commercial. We have a nice HD cam (Canon Vixia), and need some help with handling vid. We videod a great set of interviews at the Philadelphia Ron Paul appearance back in April of last year, where thousands showed up in a cold downpour to cheer Ron onward.

For an example of some not-exactly-political commentary we want to use, see on the main DP forum, "The Dogma of Tyranny, and the Tyranny of Dogma," posted yesterday. I am trying to help my web-challenged friend Genevictus (and me) catch up.

reply to genevictus@hushmail.com

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create a youtube channel for the video content you are creating and begin to promote the youtube channel.

Later on, after you have given more thought and planning, start up a website. Starting a website is no trivial matter and requires the dedication of many persons with varied skills and usually requires prolonged intense commitment of time from those involved. Also, for whatever reason, website developing people tend to have huge egos and bicker and squabble a lot often ending in destroyed efforts and destroyed friendships. Prepare for all that. Again, website dev and management is no trivial matter to say the least. It is a consuming fire that can turn your hair gray and make you dread ever having the idea...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

2nd that

You need to see how your viewership develops too because it'll be a huge waste of time to rearrange it on the fly later on.

Hold up

You need web design help, or video editing and compression for web help?

Or, you need some step by step guidance on how to do it easily and affordable?